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We’ve been self isolating for almost nine weeks now. Most people are listening to the experts, the doctors and scientists and are staying safe. Going out requires more preparation than it did nine weeks ago. We need to wear masks, take along wipes and hand sanitizer. Unfortunately this will be our new normal for awhile. There is a bright side in all of this. I’ve noticed many people taking their furry friends for walks probably more than usual. This benefits your best friend as well as provides some¬† much needed exercise for both pet and pet owner.

I’m sure our best friends are glad that we are spending so much time with them during this crisis. They are happy to get out into the fresh air and enjoy the smells of Spring.

If we could take away one positive thing from these unprecedented times,  we can now enjoy nature and notice things that maybe we took for granted and that we can do it with our best friends.

Remember, your pets count!

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