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Removing Wood Ticks From Your Dog

Sunday, May 31, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

DOGTICKTicks present a unique problem for people who make their home in a wooded area. The issue is further compounded for pet owners. By their very nature, dogs are curious animals that seek to explore the territory around their home. In some cases this can mean picking up a few unwanted passengers. The best way to circumvent this problem is to invest in plenty of flea and tick spray.

In the event that you forget to take precautionary measures, it may become necessary to remove a wood tick from your dog’s skin. Although the process is never pleasant, it’s relatively straightforward. Begin my donning a pair of rubber gloves and taking out a pair of tweezers. Wrap the tweezers around the tick’s head and pull firmly in a straight-out motion. Do not make a twisting motion, or the tick’s head may remain lodged in the skin.

Remember, your pets count!


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Animal Shelters

Saturday, May 30, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

ANIMALSHELTERAnimal Shelters are staffed by caring professionals who love animals and want to protect them and make sure that they get a good home. At these facilities, frightened animals are reassured and given food and shelter. They shelters are a kept clean and dry.

Animal Shelters receive pets from:

* stray animals
* relatives when an owner has passed away
* humane organizations and animal control agencies
* owners who can no longer care for their pets
When animals are taken in, they rarely have a medical history. If there is one available that indicates medical aid or veterinary care has been given; this information is passed on to the new owner. The Animal Shelter cannot guarantee the health or temperament of an animal adopted from the Shelter.

If you would like to adopt from an animal shelter, you must be at least 18 years of age, present a valid drivers license and a photo ID. There are so many pets that are waiting for a good home. Please adopt from a shelter.

Remember, your pets count!



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DogbreadMany foods are potentially toxic to dogs. One that is extremely dangerous is bread dough. The mixture contains yeast as a leveling agent and therefore can expand many times its original size. This is exactly what happens when your dog swallows bread dough. As the dough swells in your dogs stomach it starts to ferment producing alcohol which is toxic to your dog. Even ingesting small amounts of bread dough can cause your dog pain, bloating and vomiting. It can also leave him feeling disoriented and listless. Pet medication will not help him feel better. If he’s eaten a lot, he may end up in the operating room requiring surgery to remove the mass. Your dog will also need treatment for alcohol poisoning. If you a bread maker, make sure to keep your dog out of the kitchen while you’re baking!

Remember, your pets count!


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Increased Urination and Thirst in Dogs

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

dogdrinkIncreased level of thirst in dogs is called Polydipsia. It also is accompanied by increased urination. If you notice that your dog is drinking more than usual, you should have him evaluated my your veterinarian to rule out any serious underlying condition. Your vet will want to confirm or rule our renal failure or hepatic diseases.

Your veterinarian will examine your dog to determine  his true levels of thirst and urination.  He /She will measure your dogs  water intake and urination output. A baseline of normal fluid levels (hydration) and normal urination will be established for comparison, and an evaluation will be performed to ensure that the increased thirst and urination are not signs of a more serious medical condition.

Standard tests will include a complete blood count (CBC), a urinalysis, and X-ray imaging to rule out or confirm any issues with the kidney (renal) system, the adrenal system, and the reproductive systems.

Remember, your pets count!

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DOG WATER BOWLYou feed your dog once or twice a day but you cannot limit his water supply. Make sure that his bowl is full with clean, fresh water at all times. You must remember that dogs are constantly losing water from urinating and panting. I may be a bit much with my animals but I always give my cats bottled water. I believe that I wouldn’t want my pets to drink water that I wouldn’t drink myself. Dogs can easily become dehydrated if they don’t have enough water in their bodies. Make sure that you keep that dog water bowl full at all times and clean the water bowl frequently. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, keep a bowl full of fresh water outside with him. Dogs, unlike cats can drink a bowl of water quickly so make sure that you check his water supply frequently. If you go out and leave your dog, it is a good idea to fill several bowls of fresh water for your friend.

Remember, your pets count!

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HAMSterSAND CHILDRENResearch has shown how animals can help autistic children. Australian researchers used blind ratings when comparing how children interact with animals as opposed to playing with toys which is another common tool to help them interact with their peers.

The research compared how well children ages 5 to 13 interacted with their peers and adults during free time. One groups was given toys to play with, the other group was placed in a room with two hamsters.

The experiment reveals that the autistic children who played with the hamsters showed more sociability by talking, smiling, laughing, looking at faces, and making physical contact with the other children.  The children with the hamsters were also less likely to frown, whine, cry, and express other negative behavior than those who played with toys.

The classroom can be a very stressful and overwhelming situation for children with autism. If an animal can help them interact better with other children and reduce some of their stress, then it may be worthwhile to look into this at some of our schools.

Remember, your pets count!

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Are Seat Belts Safe For Dogs?

Thursday, May 21, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

dog seatbeltWhen traveling, would you let your child ride with a seat belt?  If you answered “no,” then why would you put your dog at risk by not securing him in? It’s very distracting when you dog is fumbling around, licking your ear etc. If you stop short or get into an accident, your dog will be a projectile and cause harm to himself and to others.

Before  buying a seat belt for your dog, do your research. Some dog restraints are not safe. The following is an example.

Lindsey A. Wolko, Founder, Center for Pet Safety, had an  experience in 2004. She was driving with her English cocker spaniel, Maggie — secured in her harness attached to a seatbelt in the back seat — when she suddenly needed to break and swerve in order to avoid a collision. The accident was avoided but Maggie sustained injuries to her spine and hip. The harness, in essence, hog-tied the dog from the force of suddenly applying the brakes.

The following information was attained from Care 2.

Testing Results so Far

In 2011, the Center for Pet Safety tested four harnesses via an independent testing laboratory. The same motor vehicle safety standards were applied as are used in testing child safety car seats. A 55 pound test dog — NO live animals are used in testing — was developed because the average size dog in the U.S. is 55 pounds and up. The results were devastating.

Simulating a 30 mile per hour collision, all four harnesses failed! The first one provided too much slack and the test dog was sent crashing into the back of the front seat. The next two harnesses broke and turned the test dog into a projectile. But the fourth was the most surprising. The harness slid up to the test dog’s neck upon impact. “I don’t think that there’s any doubt that those dogs would have been severely injured, if not fatally injured” said Wolko

I believe that dogs secured in a strong carrier that is strapped in will be even more affective in the event of an accident. I always secure my cats in their carrier and fasten the seatbelt around the carrier.

So before purchasing a seat belt and harness for your dog make sure that you do your research!

Remember, your pets count!



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DOGCOLLEGEMany people are very proud of the college that they attended. Especially if they stuck it out for the full four years or longer, it’s very likely that they have all kinds of apparel that lets the world know exactly where they attended. Some of the most common college-related apparel items are sweaters, t-shirts, slippers, and more. But these kinds of items shouldn’t just be enjoyed by you.

Rather, they can also be proudly displayed on your pet. These college logo bearing dog sweaters are especially cute and meaningful if you had your dog throughout your college years. Although the dog clothing market is dominated by items for small dogs, they are often available in many different sizes. So whether you have a Chihuahua or a German Shepherd, you should be able to share your college pride with the entire family!

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The Playful Miniature Dachshund

Sunday, May 17, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

MINIDACHSHUNDA miniature Dachshund may be small but he has plenty of energy. Along with long walks, you can help train his energy with some lively games. There’s nothing more enjoyable for your mini dog than playing fetch. Retrieving balls and squeaky toys is his idea of nirvana. It is also a good opportunity for you to teach him the command “drop it.” He also likes to play “tug” but make sure it’s not too rough and you are the one who starts and ends the game. Playing hide and seek with him is also fun as long as he already knows how to sit. Try teaching him a few new tricks like “hi five” or “take a bow.” If you take the time to play with your mini Dachshund, he will have a fit mind and body. It will also keep him more relaxed and happier. He will really enjoy sleeping in his dog bed at the end of a long day of play!

Remember, your pets count!


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Cats Can Keep You Calm

Friday, May 15, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

WELCOMETRAFFICCATPURRLiving in north Jersey is very stressful. Everything seems to be getting more difficult. You can’t drive anywhere because there is so much traffic! Today, after work I wanted to go to the county park for my daily 2 mile walk. Well that didn’t happen. The main road was blocked off and traffic was grid locked up the side streets. Enough for that idea so I decided to head home.

Between the horrendous traffic here, the unkind people, and high taxes, I really need to de stress. When I come home and find my two cats comfortably in their favorite resting spot, I regain a sense of balance and peace. I shut the door and I’m away from chaotic north Jersey. At least in my mind. I sit down to read and have a cup of coffee and my older cat Molly immediately jumps up, lies on my stomach and begins to purr. All is right with the world once again. Her unconditional love restores peace and comfort. Cats provide peace, security and balance in an unbalanced world.

So if you live in north Jersey, the stress capital of the world or a similar place, take comfort in your furry little friends waiting for you at home without a care in the world.

Remember, your pets count!

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