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World’s Ugliest Dog

Sunday, June 28, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

QUASIMOTOWe never want to admit that our pet is ugly. After all, would you admit that your child is ugly? Quasi Modo, a short-spined mixed-breed dog from Florida, was named the world’s ugliest dog Friday for epitomizing “excellence in ugliness. He has multiple birth defects to his spine and his back is too short for the rest of his body.Grown-ups have mistaken him for a hyena or Tasmanian devil and jumped on their cars to get away from him, but when they met him, he won them over with his bubbly personality.Quasi Modo’s owner found him at an animal shelter, according to his biography on the contest’s website. He said that there was a sparkle in his eyes and they adopted him. It’s a good thing! Now he’s a famous celebrity!

Remember, your pets count!

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Older Cat Losing Control of Their Hind Legs

Thursday, June 25, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

seniorcatMy older cat Molly, sometimes seems to lose control of her hind legs. Yesterday, she once again lost control, stumbled and had difficulty getting up. This really concerns me. It only lasts for a few seconds but still is very scary. I am watching her closely and will be taking her for a follow up check up. She seems fine now but this has me worried.

I would like to rule out Thromboembolic disease where a clot forms in the groin or leg. This is potentially a life threatening condition. I ruled this out by feeling the pads on Molly’s hind legs. If her paw pads are colder than her front paw pads, this could be a sign of Thromboembolic disease. She is eating and drinking normally which is a good thing.  There could be a host of other issues that can be causing this but I will be monitoring her carefully and consulting with my vet. Pay attention to you senior pet because like humans, they can experience a host of different issues and conditions.

Remember, your pets count!


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Kitty Licks and Kisses

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

KITTYKISSESMany cats enjoy licking their owners hands and faces. Are they giving you kisses or are they “buttering” you up to stay on the good side of their main food source? Cats are mutual groomers. It’s their nature to groom other animals and that includes people. When your cat licks you, he is bonding with you. This is seen in many social animals. This reduces the stress levels in both you and your cat. Your cat may lick you for similar reasons. It’s his way of relaxing, bonding with you showing affection and claiming you for his own. Maybe he enjoys the taste of the salt on your skin or maybe your cat believes that you aren’t as clean as he is. After all we don’t wash ourselves every hour throughout the day like they do.

Remember, your pets count.

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New Puppy? Make Sure You Puppy Proof

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

PUPPYTHINGSBefore you bring a new puppy home, you should prepare your house. Young dogs seem to get into anything and everything within reach. If you’re not prepared, their curiosity could prove dangerous. Start by looking at your house the way dog would see it. Look down low for items that could be hazardous such as trash, electrical wires or sharp objects. Make sure that you keep pesticides, chemicals, medicines and anti freeze out of reach. The best idea is to store these dangerous items in a locked cabinet. Some houseplants can also prove poisonous to pets so keep them up high. Remember, no matter how well that you think you puppy proofed your home, you still need to watch your new dog every carefully.

Remember, your pets count!

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Why Do Cats Love Running Water

Sunday, June 21, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

CATRUNNING WATERMy cats fight to get a drink of the running shower water. It’s a ritual in our home. My older cat Molly, makes sure that she claims her spot on the tub first. The first thing I have to do when I get up is to turn the shower on for her. Millie has to wait her turn.

Why do cats love running water? One reason is that cats recognize water more easily when it’s running. , Some cats will pat at water in a dish or submerge whiskers assessing where the water level is. Some cats will not drink out of water dishes near the food bowls.

You have to make sure that your cat gets enough water everyday to prevent dehydration and possibly kidney failure. This is why I make sure that I open the faucet for my cats. Make sure you keep fresh, cold water in your cats water bowl all the time.

Remember, your pets count!


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CAT RESCUEDid you now that over 40,000 pets perish each year because of house fires and other disasters such as floods or hurricanes? Cats run and hide very easily and this makes them difficult to locate them in the event of a fire or quick evacuation. I would recommend that you keep their pet carrier close at hand and close to the door. At least you won’t have to worry about searching for it if you need to get out in a hurry. Don’t spend too much time, I know this is difficult, but in the event of a fire, every second counts! If you can’t find you cat, leave it to the experts, just get out fast.

You should let rescuers know that there is a cat inside that needs to be rescued. Do this by purchasing decals that say “In case of a fire, please rescue cat.” Put them in a few prominent places and keep them there at all times. Having a decal on the door or windows will let firefighters or police know right away that there is a pet inside that needs help! These few seconds could mean life or death of a pet member.

Always have a plan that includes the rescuing of your pet in the event of a disaster.

Remember, your pets count!

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Teaching Your Dog Tricks

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

DOGTRICKSYour dog knows the basics. He’ll sit on command, hold his paw out when you say “shake,” and lie down when you tell him to. Now, you need him to get to the next level. Teaching a dog tricks could be a fun way to bond. So if you want to go beyond the basic commands with your dog, Try teaching him to stand on two legs or bow. Start by giving your dog a verbal cue then reward him with a dog treat when he actually performs the action. For example, dogs often bow when they want to play or when they wake up from a nap. Then, using the dog treat and a verbal command, guide the dog to perform the action again. Remember, keep practicing, be patient and use positive reinforcement. Before long you and your dog will be able to impress all of your friends!

Remember, your pets count!




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Does Your Cat Have a Unique Meow?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

catmeowIf you have multiple cats, you may be able to tell which one is “talking” to you. There’s a distinct difference between my two cat’s meows. My older cat, Molly has a high mellow meow while my younger cat, Millie has a kind of what I call “scrappy” meow. They are distinctly different. Mollie meows for everything. I think that sometimes she just wants to “talk.” Millie meows when she wants something.

Every human has a unique speaking or singing voice, and we can differentiate one person from another by how they sound — and cats are no different. Admittedly, to a non-cat person the difference will not be noticeable because it can be very subtle, but if you listen closely, you will most definitely hear the diversity in each and every cat’s meow.

Remember, your pets count!

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Watch Out For Fleas This Summer!

Sunday, June 14, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

DOGCATFLEASIt’s almost summertime and time to start protecting your dog and cat from fleas.While I’m in Delaware, I’m very concerned about my cats getting fleas because they spend a lot of time outside, on the porch. (with me watching them of course.)

Did you know that one flea could bite a dog about 400 times? In one months time, one flea can turn into two million fleas! Fleas are a major problem for our furry friends. They are blood sucking parasites. This could mean major trouble if your dog or cat has an allergic reaction to the proteins in a flea’s saliva. Your dog or cat can develop flea allergy dermatitis. This will cause constant scratching, skin problems and permanent hair loss. Fleas can also transmit bacterial diseases, anemia, tapeworms and other parasites.

It’s best to treat your dog or cat at the beginning of the season. There are lots of flea and tick products on the market including various types of flea collars. Your vet could also administer medication that is placed on the back of your pet’s neck. This treatment can control fleas for up to six months. Don’t wait until you have a huge problem, protect your pet today.

Remember, your pets count!


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The Cute Bishon Frise

Saturday, June 13, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

BICHON FRISEThis is a small, happy dog that always has an inquisitive expression in it’s dark eyes. It has a plumed tail and is often compared to a cotton ball because of it’s curled double coat consisting of a textured outer coat and a silky under coat. The coat is white but may have a creamed or apricot color around the ears or on the body.

According to information provided by the American Kennel Club, The Bichon Frise appeared in the 13th century as a descendent from the Water Spaniel. Traded by Spanish sailors and transported from continent to continent, the breed eventually became a favorite of those in the 16th century French royal courts. The breed was also favored by the painters of the Spanish school, who often included them in their works. Although the breed’s colorful past includes use as a circus dog, today the Bichon is enjoyed primarily as a companion animal.

The Bichon is a gentle dog . He’s also playful and loves exercise. He loves to fetch his dog toys and enjoys being played with often. They are also very good dogs for allergy sufferers because they don’t shed. Their hair keeps growing and must be groomed regularly.

Remember, your pets count!

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