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DachshundA miniature Dachshund may be small but he has plenty of energy. Along with long walks, you can help train his energy with some lively games. There’s nothing more enjoyable for your mini dog than playing fetch. Retrieving balls and squeaky toys is his idea of nirvana. He should have a whole box of dog toys!  It is also a good opportunity for you to teach him the command “drop it.” He also likes to play “tug” but make sure it’s not too rough and you are the one who starts and ends the game. Playing hide and seek with him is also fun as long as he already knows how to sit. Try teaching him a few new tricks like “hi five” or “take a bow.” If you take the time to play with your mini Dachshund, he will have a fit mind and body. It will also keep him more relaxed and happier. He will really enjoy sleeping in his dog bed at the end of a long day of play!

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Good Report From The Vet For Molly

Saturday, January 30, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy
She should better test results today!

She should better test results today!

Recently, my 16 1/2 year old cat was diagnosed with Kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. This is a very dangerous combination for cats since Kidney disease is usually not curable. Over the past month, I’ve been on a mission to sustain the quality of Molly’s life for as long as possible. She’s been taking Methimozole  twice a day. I cut the tablet in half because I don’t want it to slow the thyroid down too much. I’m also giving her a combination of a prescription cat food diet and my own concoction of Purina Pro Plan urinary tract lower protein cat food and Pet Fresh chicken morsels. These are higher in protein (which is not good for kidney disease) but she likes them and she has to eat. I’m also giving her a high quality omega three oil.

Molly’s last blood test was not good. It showed an over active thyroid, high creatinine levels which indicate kidney disease and weight loss. Today’s exam showed the thyroid T4 cells back to a normal level, lower creatinine levels and slight weight gain. Both myself and her vet are very pleased. We are doing everything we could to keep Molly with us as long as possible. Don’t give up on your pet, always do the best you can to keep her healthy for as long as possible.

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The Need To Knead

Thursday, January 28, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catkneadYou may wonder, why cats knead? It sort of looks like they’re making bread by kneading the dough.  It’s almost always done on a soft pliable surface like pillow, blanket, cat bed or even your tummy! Kneading is an instinctive trait. Kittens knead on their mothers tummy  as they snuggle close to nurse. The kneading stimulates milk flow in the nipples. Kneading may also go back to the days when wild cats patted down tall grass or shredded leaves to make a soft, fluffy bed for sleeping or giving birth. Another reason is that cats have scent glands on the pad of their paws and kneading is a way to spread their scent on anything they choose. Their scent is a territorial marker. So always give kitty lots of love and a cat treat every now and then because some of his unique habits make him such a lovable pet.

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Tips On Leading Your Dog On His Dog Leash

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

DOGRERACTABLEHere are some tips on how you become leader of the pack rather than your dog.

1. When walking your dog, you should be the first one out the door and the first one back in. Your dog should walk either beside or behind you.

2. Use a short dog leash because this allows you to have more control. If you attach the leash to the top of your dogs neck, you can communicate, guide and correct your dog easier. When you are correcting him, always keep his safety in mind. Never yank or pull him.

3. Make sure that you set enough time aside for the walk. You should set aside 30 minutes to a full hour. Morning walks are ideal. Keep a close eye on your dog while you are walking him.

4. After your dog has behaved and maintained the proper state of mind, reward him by letting him relieve himself and sniff around. You now have to decide when the reward time is over. It should always be less than the time spent focused on the walk.

5. When you get home, don’t stop leading. Have your dog wait patiently while you put away his dog leash or take off your shoes.

6. Give your dog a meal after the walk and make sure that you pick up after him.

This information was according to Cesar Millan’s tips on how to become leader of the pack.

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Canine Incontinence

Tuesday, January 26, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

DOGPEEUrinary incontinence or urinary leaking is a common canine condition with causes ranging from infection to diabetes to abnormal development. Tests will help determine the seriousness of your dogs problem. There are certain conditions like irritation or inflammation that can cause incontinence. These conditions are easily treatable. Another common cause especially in spayed females dogs and geriatric dogs is a weak bladder sphincter. This condition generally responds well to pet medication so most incontinent pets do not need to suffer. If your dog is diagnosed with a more serious problem, surgical reconstruction of the lower urinary system will help protect your pet and those expensive carpets! So be patient when slipping on that dog leash and have the paper towels handy.

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Brushing Vs. Bathing

Monday, January 25, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

DOGBRUSHDogs are like kids, most of them don’t like to take baths but even short haired dogs need proper grooming and a bath occasionally. Bathing too often can take away the natural oils that keep a dogs skin smooth and healthy. How much washing is too much depends on the humidity and the type of shampoo used. A general rule of thumb is that a good brushing is usually enough to keep your dog freshened up. In addition to removing dirt, a regular brushing will remove hair and make your dog more comfortable. Bathing is appropriate when a dog has body odor especially if he’s rolled in something that he shouldn’t have. A good rule to remember is that a dirty dog needs a brush and a smelly dog needs a bath. After his bath, give him some dog treats to keep him happy!

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dogsnowThe blizzard of 2016 is over and it’s time for the big cleanup! I’m sure that there are millions  of people experiencing cabin fever today even our best friends. Dogs love frolicking in the snow. It’s great to take them outside to run and play in the snow but there are a few things that you should remember. First of all, make sure that they have their dog boots on. There’s lots on salt on the roadways which can really irritate the under pads of your dog’s paws. Also, make sure that your dog is nice and warm and is wearing his coat especially if you have a small dog! Limit the amount of time spent outdoors but 15 -20 minutes should be fine! Enjoy this time with your best friend. I’m sure that he really appreciates it too.

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Health Problems For Overweight Dogs

Saturday, January 23, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

OverweightdogExcess weight is a heavy burdon for any pet to bare. When your dog becomes obese, additional stress is placed on his heart , lungs and joints. Make sure that you monitor your dogs weight. I’m sure you can’t give him a command to stand on the scale but you cat notice when that dog coat gets a bit more difficult to get on him. Run you hand along your dogs’ side as if you were petting him. Pressing gently, you should be able to count your dogs ribs as you run your hand over them. Then look at your dog objectively. When viewed from above, does his body angle in in front of his hips or has he lost his waste? If these simple tests make you suspect that your dog is getting to be a little too porky, take him to the vet for a proper examination and discuss the proper diet changes.

I have two cats and one is a bit overweight which is my fault because I do spoil her. I need to reduce her weight so I’m feeding her food for less active indoor cats and cutting back on her snacks. I’m sure that your vet will give you the proper advice for your dog.

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Sometimes You Have To Improvise

Friday, January 22, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy
As of this date, she's doing a bit better on her special diet.

As of this date, she’s doing a bit better on her special diet.

About three weeks ago, my cat Molly who is 16 1/2 years old was diagnosed with kidney disease. My vet said that she had to be put on a prescription diet which is lower in protein and phosphorous. This food can only be purchased through my vet. I took several cans home and tried to feed it to Molly. She hated it and I didn’t blame her. It smelled awful. First of all, I feel that when you change a cat’s diet, you should do it slowly. My vet wanted me to start feeding this and only this food immediately. Now, not that I don’t trust my vet but it’s very important that Molly eat and drink. If she doesn’t eat this food, she could have starved. So this time, I improvised. I found out that there is a better prescription food made by the same company, which cats seem to like more. (I was very curious as to why my vet did not offer this food in the first place). I went back to my vet and told them about this food. They responded with “oh yes, we have that.” So I purchased a case. Molly doesn’t love this either but it is much better than the other prescription food. She’ll eat it but needs to be coaxed. So I purchased Purina Pro Blend for urinary track health. This is also low in protein. I mix some of this food with her prescription food, then add some omega oil which I purchased from Canada and also a little liquid chicken broth. I also add some Smart Pet fresh chicken morsels. This is higher in protein but Molly is eating and drinking and that’s all that matters right now. She seems to be doing better and I’m taking her illness one day at a time. I want to keep my little girl with me as long as possible.

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Safety For Dog Walking At Night

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dog nightIf you walk your dog at night, you’ve probably realized that there are certain risks involved. One of the biggest risks is not being visible to oncoming vehicles and not being able to see your dog if you’re in a very dark area without street lights. There are products that light up in the dark, such as lighted collars or pet blinkers which hook on to your dogs collar to light the way. Here are some additional tips that will help keep you and your dog safe.

Always wear light or bright clothing.
Always carry a flashlight.
Purchase sneakers with reflectors or LED lights on the sides.
Purchase reflective tape and attach it to your clothing and even to your dog’s collar.
If possible, avoid walking along the road. If you have no other choice, walk against the traffic so you’ll see the cars and hopefully they’ll see you and your dog. Keep your dog farthest from the road.
Always keep your dog on a leash and keep him as close as possible to you.

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