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Thanksgiving Safety is a Must for Our Pets

Wednesday, November 24, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

It’s Thanksgiving day and there will be guests and lots of food. It’s important that you remember to remind your guests not to give the begging pooch any table scraps. Dogs could choke on bones and cats can get very sick if they are given any chocolate. If your dog is a “jumper,” it will be a good idea to keep him in a separate room while the guests are arriving.  Make sure to keep your dog away from the door. He may dart out in all of the excitement. Keep these simple things in mind and you’re sure to have a great day.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember, pets are family!

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Fishing for Felines!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
posted by PetsRule

fishing-pole-cat-toyI just adore my little tabby Sophie, and while we do share several activities together, I think I have the most fun when I’m just playing with her around the house. Sophie loves the fishing pole cat toy I bought for her. It’s just a string with a feather tied to a the end, but whenever I dangle it in front of her, she turns upside down and paws at it and tries to bite it. She also loves to stalk it; I’ll dangle it behind a chair so that she can just see the tip, the she rushes towards it and attacks it! I let her catch it most of the time, but sometimes I think she gets tired and just falls down.

Sophie is an indoor cat, so I play with her often to ensure that she gets a little bit of exercise.  The fishing pole cat toy is great fun for both of us. I’ve come to call the activity “fishing for felines”, and in some respects, it does feel a lot like fishing!