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Some Myths About Dobermans

Sunday, May 17, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Some people will say that Doberman’s have the reputation of being overly aggressive even vicious in some cases. This is simply not true in most cases. Any dog that is not properly cared for may become aggressive.   Given a good home and proper training, they are sweet, loving animals that are very good with the elderly as well as children. Because of their strong, large bodies, it is not recommended that they be left unsupervised around children. They may be overprotective. If your child is playing with other children and the dog detects that your child may be in harm, he may misunderstand the situation and become aggressive in order to protect the child even though the children were only playing.

Doberman’s are active dogs and should be trained and well exercised to become a good pet.  They do best with an experienced owner. So if you are not experienced with this breed, before you take your doberman off of his dog leash and let him run in the park, learn all you can about him. There are many books available, so do your research before adopting a Doberman.

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