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January 2021

Have Covid? Have Pets? What You Need to Know

Monday, January 25, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Rumors have been circulating about whether or not you can give Covid 19 to your pet or get Covid 19 from a pet. The CDC has put together some facts that may clarify this situation.

What you need to know
  • A small number of pets worldwide, including cats and dogs, have been reported to be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, mostly after close contact with people with COVID-19.
  • Based on the limited information available to date, the risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to people is considered to be low.
  • It appears that the virus that causes COVID-19 can spread from people to animals in some situations.
  • Treat pets as you would other human family members – do not let pets interact with people outside the household.
  • If a person inside the household becomes sick, isolate that person from everyone else, including pets.
  • This is a rapidly evolving situation and information will be updated as it becomes available.

Remember, your pets count!

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A Cats Protein Needs

Sunday, January 24, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

A cat needs twice as much protein as a dog. Cats also require about 20 different kinds of amino acids to make their own body protein and those amino acids come from protein in food. What ‘s the best source of protein for your cat ,chicken, beef or fish? The truth is that any and all sources of protein are good for your cat. Commercial pet foods contain at least 30% protein from a variety of sources to more than meet your cats needs. If your cat eats quality foods,  you can give him beef one day, chicken the next and fish the next. All are great sources of  protein.

Remember, your pets count.

If your cat has been diagnosed with feline disease speak to your doctor about about the proper diet. Also add Astro’s Oil to your cats daily regimen. Astro’s Oil are natural products developed by a doctor in Canada specifically for cats with Kidney disease. Read all about Astro’s Oil on their website Astros You can also order on the site.

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Your Dog Can Introduce You to New People

Saturday, January 23, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Dogs can be a great way to meet new people.  Usually, we need a reason to talk to people that we don’t know. While we are out walking our dog, strangers will often stop to pet or compliment our pet. These short encounters can often lead to a new friendships. I’ve met many neighbors here at my new place in Delaware as they were walking past my house with their dog.  Dogs can make it easier to meet people because they are a great way to start a conversation on neutral ground. We also get our exercise while walking and playing with our dogs. Besides their unconditional love, dogs can make socializing easier and even keep us healthier. More countless reason for you to adopt a dog! Do it today!

Remember, your pets count!

If your have a cat the has been diagnosed with Feline Kidney disease, adding Astro’s Oil to his daily regiment is a must. Astro’s Oil products help prolong life, keep the kidney’s functioning and improves life quality. While there is no cure for Feline Kidney disease, your cat can still have many good years with you if you care for him properly. Follow your vets advice but also ad all natural Astro’s Oil products and see some great results.

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Taking the Right Steps to Find a Lost Dog

Friday, January 22, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Yesterday as I was taking my stroll on the boardwalk a stray dog come up to me. He looked so scared and I felt helpless because I didn’t know what to do first. He seemed to have lost his owner right there. I then looked down at the beach and saw two girls looking frantically all around. I then guided the dog down to the beach and low and behold, his tail began to wag and he ran toward them. They were so relieved and happy to see him. I felt relieved and continued my walk. That was simple but lots of pets are lost for days or weeks at a time!

Loosing a pet can be one of the most stressful experience that one can experience. We have a tendency to panic and don’t know what to do first. Here are ten quick tips. Print this blog out and keep it handy in case your dog gets lost.

1. Don’t waste time!  In the first two hours, get as many people as you can involved in your search. Ask any family, friends and any neighbor you see to search around town and up to a three-mile radius of the location where the dog was last seen.

2. Search  the neighborhood by foot. Create flyers to hand out and/or staple to telephone poles so that your information is readily available and easy to share. Put a photo (preferably color) of your dog on these cards or print out some images of your dog separately to accompany your information cards. Give these cards to anyone you encounter during this first search.

3.   Bring along your dog’s favorite toy of some other noise that he is familiar with. This will make him come when he hears it.

4.  Bring along another friendly dog companion if possible.

5. While you’re out searching, have someone else make phone calls to your local Humane Society, animal shelters, rescues, vets, and police departments. 

6. Create an ad with a recent picture of your dog. Describe the dog so that an average person would recognize him/her if they saw the dog. Include identifying information about him/her like his collar, dog tags, tattoo, identifying features like scars or unusual coloration or microchip ID number.

7. Intensify the search after your dog has been missing for 24 hours. Make at least 200 photocopies of your ad.  Start posting them on bulletin boards, super markets, telephone poles and in other highly visible areas.

8. Take “found” calls with a grain of salt. There could be some unethical people trying to take advantage. Ask key questions but don’t waste your time if you’re not getting anywhere.

9. After two days, extend your search.

  • Go a little further by vehicle and start spreading the word to local mail carriers, UPS and Fed Ex drivers, joggers, runners, bikers and anyone else walking around the search areas.
  • Continue using strong ad messages to spread and expand your search.
  • Expand the radius of your search area by several miles. Call shelters even beyond the area you think your dog could have reached.
  • Visit the animal shelters and rescue leagues to look for your pet every other day. Don’t expect volunteers to recognize one brown dog from another. If the dog is a dirty, matted mess that lost weight, you may have trouble identifying your own pet. Ask if there is a quarantine area or an area where injured animals are kept in case your dog is separated from those shown to the public.
  • Check the “found” ads in they newspaper each day your pet is lost.
  • Check online databases of lost and found dogs.

10. Stay positive. Dogs have been reunited with their owners even after a year or more.DOG FOUND






Remember, your pets count!

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Doggie Hot Spots

Thursday, January 21, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

What is a hot spot?

A Hot Spot, also known as Acute Moist Dermatitis, is an open sore that is hot, moist, and red. These painful spots on your dog arise from incessant licking, chewing, and scratching the affected area. This type of ailment is very sensitive, painful to the touch and your dog may lose his hair in this area. Just about any irritation to your dog’s skin, paws, hips, chest, or other areas that causes him to lick, scratch, or bite, to gain relief, may lead to the development of a hot spot. For example, something so seemingly harmless such as an insect bite, a small nick, cut or small wound may cause itchiness or irritation to your dog and he will, in turn, compulsively, obsessively lick that area until it is raw.  It’s what dogs do!

Hot spots may begin innocently as small, wet-looking areas but they can grow in size rapidly to look like big, red open sores.  At this point bacterial infections develop quickly and the cycle begins.

There are lots of ways to control hot spots. Your Vet may recommend specific products like Banixx to help control these painful spots that may appear on your dog. Pay close attention to your dog’s licking and chewing and don’t let the issue get out of hand.

Remember your pets count!

If you have a cat that has been diagnosed with Feline Kidney disease, there are some things that you could do to slow it’s progress. I’ve added Astro’s Oil to my cat’s daily regimen.  Astro’s oil is a natural product that was invented by a doctor in Canada. There are several products that help slow the progress of this disease, prolong life and improve life quality. Find out all about Astro’s Oil from this website:

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Keep Your Cat Away From Lily’s

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

There are many different kinds of Lily’s. This includes Easter Lily’s, day lily, Asiatic lily, tiger lily, peace lily, calla lily, and lily of the valley, among others. According to Ped Med MD, these flowers are beautiful to look at but could be deadly to your cat. They could die of kidney failure if they eat any part of these plants if they don’t receive medical treatment immediately! As little as two leaves can make your cat sick and if left untreated can become fatal  within three days.

Here are some signs to look for if you suspect that your cat may have ingested one of these plants.

  • Drooling
  • Vomiting pieces of the plant
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased urination followed by a sudden lack of urination after one or two days.
  • Dehydration

Be on the safe side, do not have any of these plants in your house!

Remember, your pets count!

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Cat Regurgitation

Monday, January 18, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Cat regurgitation is very common and it consists of undigested food being expelled very soon after eating. Our cat Atlantis, is famous for regurgitation. He will eat dry food very fast, then gulp down water and regurgitate some undigested food. He did it twice this morning. There are some things that you could do to control your cats regurgitation.

  • If you feed your cat dry food, you can spread the food out over an area of floor and force your cat to move around to get it. This will slow the eating down.
  • Alternatively, special dishes can help your cat consume its food more slowly. You could also feed your cat out of a clean egg-carton to slow down the pace of meals, placing a small amount of food in each cup.
  • Keep other cats away while the regurgitating cat is eating. This will allow the regurgitating cat to relax and eat more slowly.
  • Let your cat digest his food a while and remove his water for awhile after he eats. Place it back about 45 minutes later.

Remember, your pets count!

Astro’s oil is an excellent product to help control the advancement of Feline kidney disease.  I’ve been using it for years and I’m very please with the results. Read all about the benefits of Astro’s Oil and order online from their website: Astro’s Oil.Com.

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Reasons to Limit Feeding Your Cat Tuna

Sunday, January 17, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Tuna fish probably seems like a tasty treat to feed your cat.  An occasional small amount like a bite or two probably won’t do any harm. Be careful not to feed her too much fish.  First, there is the risk of mercury which could build up in your cats system over time. A cat that eats too much tuna may also develop nutritional deficiencies.  Tuna alone can’t provide all of the vitamins and nutrients that your cat needs.  Tuna fish is especially lacking in vitamin E, an important anti oxidant. Without vitamin E, your cat can develop a disease called yellow fat disease.  Make your cat stick to a regular, balanced diet and only indulge his taste for tuna every once in awhile. Stick to healthy  cat treats instead.

Remember, your pets count!

Astro’s Oil is an excellent product for Feline Kidney Disease. Find out all about Astro’s Oil on their website:

Astros Oil.Com.

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The Important Of Good Pet Nutrition

Saturday, January 16, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Over the last several years, pet owners are realizing that is it just as important to feed pets high quality food as it is to feed ourselves this kind of food. After all, we all know the consequences of poor quality diets. The result, cardio vascular disease, diabetes, obesity and overall poor health.

1800 Pet Meds has put together a comprehensive article as to why high quality food is so important for our pets. I am going to share the article with you.

Why You Should Feed High Quality Pet Food

People are becoming increasingly aware that certain dietary preservatives and synthetic chemicals pose significant health hazards and can negatively affect overall well-being. We have all heard anecdotes about the elimination of disease and improvement in energy by the adoption of a healthful natural diet. These same principles apply to your pet as well.

Unfortunately, too commonly, our four-legged friends are fed over-processed, by-product-riddled and chemically altered foods that don’t resemble any identifiable meat or vegetable.

While these foods do meet basic requirements for sustaining life, this is not the kind of nutrition that helps pets achieve optimal health. Your pet doesn’t question the quality of what they are eating—so you must.

While people vary what they eat from meal to meal, most pet owners feed their pets the same exact food meal after meal and day after day. While healthy people may make the occasional decision to eat highly processed or poor quality foods, this isn’t a real issue for their overall health due to the variety of ingredients in their diet. Unfortunately, if a pet is being fed a poor quality diet, they will be exposed to those ingredients, chemicals and additives every single day. Increasingly, pets are experiencing higher incidences of hormonal disorders, cancer and other disease conditions. It raises the question whether the quality of nutrients they are exposed to day after day may be contributing? Although not proven…it is concerning.

What can you do?

With more people understanding the importance of our pets’ nutrition, the natural pet food market is growing rapidly and high quality foods are increasingly available. Being natural and free of additives is not enough these days. You must learn to critically evaluate labels to ensure you select the highest quality food for your pet.

Read the ingredient list

Ingredients on a pet food must be listed in descending order (by weight) on the package. Although not always, most often this means the first five to seven ingredients are the major ingredients in the food. These ingredients should be real named meat, whole grains and vegetables to ensure a pet is getting excellent nutrition from the best natural ingredients. Avoid foods that list by-products, unnamed meat meals or partial grains (for example “poultry by-product meal”, “meat meal”, or “corn-gluten meal”, etc.) in the top ingredients, as these are sub-standard sources of protein used instead of real meat (which holds more nutritional value). Although “meat meal” sounds like something you might serve your own family, this ingredient may contain a variety of animal parts (other than meat) from any source, including 4-D animals (dead, diseased, disabled or dying prior to slaughter). These ingredients are always considered unfit for human consumption due to their questionable quality and safety.

Avoid potentially harmful ingredients

Many artificial preservatives are known to be capable of, or suspected of, causing cancer (aka carcinogens) in humans. When used in the production of pet food, artificial preservatives limit the growth of bacteria or inhibit oxidation of food. Examples of preservatives that should be avoided include BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, sodium nitrite and nitrate. Pets are smaller than humans and many of their foods have the same amount of preservatives as ours—studies are inadequate to understand the consequences of chronic intake of these preservatives—but they are best avoided. There are many options for natural preservation of pet food and more responsible pet food companies are using these.

Artificial flavors (e.g. corn syrup, propylene glycol, molasses and MSG) are frequently used in pet food manufacturing to disguise inferior food quality and some of these additives give dampness and flexibility to semi-moist foods and treats. Artificial colorings/dyes are used in many pet products to entice owners into a purchase; however, they have no nutritional value and may be responsible for adverse or allergic reactions. Besides, your pet doesn’t care what food looks like— just how it tastes.

Avoid unnecessary fillers

A filler is an ingredient added to a pet food that provides dietary fiber (bulk) and has no particular nutritional value. These ingredients are often used to “fill up” the bag of pet food cheaply (especially true of many weight loss foods). While pets do require a source of fiber in their diet, it is best that this fiber is provided by whole grains and vegetables. Ingredients such as wheat mill run, rice bran, corn brain, hulls and certain pulps are examples of fillers that should be avoided or at least not be present in the main ingredient list.

The other type of filler is actually more correctly called a plant-based protein booster. Many pet food companies use cheap grains as the base of their pet foods because they are an inexpensive way to meet nutritional requirements for protein and fat. With their biology, cats and dogs should be getting the majority of their protein from real meat and high quality named meat meals, instead of plants, to best address their nutritional requirements. These protein fillers are main ingredients such as corn, corn gluten or corn germ meal, and soybean meal and should be avoided.

Remember, your pets count!


If your cat has been diagnosed with Feline Kidney disease, A high quality diet is essential and adding Astro’s Oil products will improve kidney function, prolong life and improve life quality. Find out all about the benefits of Astro’s Oil from their website: Astros Read the story behind the development of Astro’s oil and purchase online. You will notice an improvement in a couple of weeks!


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Your Cats Aging Process

Friday, January 15, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

We really don’t like to admit this, but our cats really grow up quickly. I remember when my cats would race all around the house chasing anything and everything! Now,they barely get up at all. They spend their days n the quiet comfort of their favorite spots in our warm home. Here are some facts that may help you care for your senior cat.

  1. Did you know that cats are considered “senior” at seven years old?  This doesn’t mean that they’re over the hill by any means. Veterinarians just want their owners to be on the lookout for any health problems that may affect your cat since it is no longer a kitten and is getting a bit older.


  1. Did you know that most physical conditions in cats go un-diagnosed? Cats don’t usually let you know when they are in pain unless there is something that is really causing the discomfort. This is why it’s important to take your cat to the vet at least twice per year.
  2. Did you know that more than half of cats become obese?  As older cats slow down, so does their metabolism. That is why you should try to engage your cat in some kind of moderate activity at least once per day. This is easier said than done. When I try to play with Molly by throwing a toy across the floor or using a cat fishing pole to stimulate her, all she does is look at it! Then look at me as if trying to say “are you crazy?” Usually something with catnip in it will get her going for a little while.
  3. Did you know that 70% of cats develop arthritis? Make sure that your older cat has easy access to his kitty litter, water and food dish.
  4. Did you know that older cats put on body fat even though they consume fewer calories?  Obesity, heart disease, periodontal disease can occur as a cat gets older. Make sure you speak with your vet about any changes you may need to make to your cat’s diet.


If your cat has been diagnosed with feline kidney disease Astro’s Oil help prolong like and improves life quality. They were discovered by a doctor in Canada. I have positive experiences with Astro’s Oil that I’ve been using for years. Read all about the benefits from their website: Astro’s

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Remember, your pets count!

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