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The Best Animal and Animal Protection Agencies

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

ADOPT A PETWe see heartbreaking commercials on television depicting abused and neglected animals.  I can’t even watch some of these because it breaks my heart. Are the agencies associated with these commercials, the best ones to donate to? The American Institute of Philanthropy has put today and list of these agencies along with their rating. Take a look and decide on which agency is best for you .

American Humane Association A–
Animal Welfare Institute A+
Best Friends Animal Society B+
D.E.L.T.A. Rescue A–
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International B+
Farm Sanctuary B+
Friends of Animals A
Humane Farming Association A–
In Defense of Animals B+
Marine Mammal Center A–
Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) A
PetSmart Charities A
Wildlife Conservation Society A

Most are rated well but do your research before deciding which one is the best for you to show your support.

Remember, your pets count!


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Give An Older Animal a Chance…….Adopt

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

ADOPTLocal animal shelters are filled with cats and dogs abandoned due to various reasons. It really bothers me how many people got rid of their pets for financial reasons yet maintain an unlimited cellphone plan and mindlessly text all day! The fact is that many people will not adopt an older cat or dog for fear that it only has a few years to live. Remember cats can live as long as 20 years, so if you adopt a twelve year old cat and if it’s in good health, you can have eight good years with it. Giving a second chance to an abandoned older cat or dog is a very rewarding experience. Perhaps, as the holiday season comes to an end, we can bring in 2015 by  really helping the animal shelters and adopting a needy animal. If you cannot adopt a pet due to allergies or financial reasons, animal shelters could use old blankets, food or anything else that you can donate. Spend your money on cat toys or a pet carrier instead of paying for minutes to mindlessly texting and playing with social media  all day. Now that’s really making a difference!

Remember, your pets count!


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Should You Try To Take Care Of Feral Cats?

Monday, December 29, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

feral catsIf you notice a feral cat in your yard and would like to open your home to him, there are several things that you should know.First, contact your local and state animal control officials to learn what local laws/ordinances may apply. For example, in some states if you feed a feral cat, you own it. In addition, many municipalities have outright banned the feeding of stray cats, punishable by fines or more.

You should also know that a feral cat may never have the same personality as a house cat. They will however slowly begin to show signs that they are comfortable around you and appreciate the care that you are giving them. It is also important to note that caring for feral cats is quite controversial, even in areas which allow such care. Some people feel that all strays should be euthanized, to curb overpopulation, spread of disease, and impacts to native wildlife such as mice and birds. Other feel that these cats should be left alone. Still others feel that these cats  have to right to life and should be protected and cared for.

Many veterinary clinics offer reduced fees for people assisting feral colonies. In addition, many local humane organizations and shelters sponsor low cost spay/neuter clinics several times a year.

Know the facts before you attempt to care for feral cats.

Remember, your pets count!

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Happy Holiday From The Pet Product Guru

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

DOG CAT CHRISTMASI would like to take this moment to thank all of our dedicated readers who have been with us for many years as well as those who just recently found us.  Our precious pets are part of our lives and families. They are they most dedicated friends we have and provide unconditional love no matter what. They could easily lower your blood pressure after you’ve had a stressful day at work just by walking through the door and seeing their excitement and tail wagging wildly!  Our pets need our love and care and that’s why I’ve kept writing this blog for almost five years now. I believe that a little knowledge goes a long way and I enjoy bringing you tips on how to care for your pets. I hope it makes your life a bit easier.

I’m taking a little break and I hope you do to. Our next blog will be published on Monday, December 29, 2014. Have a wonderful, happy and healthy holiday!


Remember, your pets count!

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Preparing for the Pet Sitter

Sunday, December 21, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

PET SITTERAre planning a trip soon? You know that you are placing a lot of responsibility in the hands of your pet sitter. You’re trusting this person to care for your precious pet while you’re gone.  You should help the sitter out by preparing your home properly. Start by doing an inspection of your home. Make sure that cleaning supplies and other materials that may be toxic to your pet are locked up.  Put poisonous plants out of reach. Lock outdoor gates and turn on any outside lights. In addition to leaving detailed contact information and detailed feeding and exercise instructions, make sure that you tell you pet sitter about any unusual circumstances like a door that doesn’t shut or a sink that doesn’t drain.  Make sure you tell the sitter where your pet supplies like pet food, dog leashes, dog water bowls and pet medication are kept. These small preparations will ensure the well being of your pet and will help ease your mind while you’re away.

Remember, your pets count!

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DOG SNOWWell here we are less than a week before Christmas and snow is expected in much of the country. How do our furry little friends like going out in the snow?  If you own a small dog, it is important to keep them bundled.  Try to find a long legged dog coat to keep the snow from clinging to their legs. The most important thing to remember while walking them is keep them moving. Some dogs love to run and play in the snow and after it has fallen, taking them to a park covered with snow could be very good exercise for both you and your dog. A word of caution, when blizzard conditions are expected,   take your dog outside before the heavy snow starts and the winds kick up. Make the walk brief and productive. Protect our furry friends during the harsh winter season!

Remember ,your pets count!

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Those Wonderful Seizure Response Dogs

Thursday, December 18, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

SEIZURE RESPONSESo called seizure response dogs provide support for people with epilepsy by helping prevent unintentional injuries during and after a seizure. Some of these seizure dogs are able to predict when their owner is going to have a seizure. The dog will alert the person by whining, pawing or circling. There are many stories of this happening but scientists are not sure as to how and why some dogs seem to have this ability. Many people suspect that the dogs respond to very suttle visual or hearing changes that occur during the early stages of a seizure. Some research suggest that the dogs are responding to psychological not epileptic seizures. Regardless, it shows how strong the bond can be between people and pets. These dogs deserve special gifts of treats, a new fleece dog coat or even a big hug!!


Remember, your pets count!

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A Kitten’s Developing Behavior

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

cute kittens 3Kittens form their habits by copying their mother. This occurs when they are between four and eight weeks old.  If the mother is “skiddish”and afraid of  strangers, most likely her kitten will also be afraid of strangers.  Depending on the kitten’s genetic predisposition, this initial shyness may go away as she matures and if she has repeated good experiences with strangers.

The period of prime socialization to people is between two and seven weeks of age. That’s why feral cats usually run when they see people. They have never been exposed to them.  During this two to seven week period, it’s important for kittens to be handled by different people in pleasant ways. Kitten that are under-socialized are likely to be scared of strangers and may hiss, spit, strike out or dash away.

Remember, your pets count!


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The Cock A Poo

Sunday, December 14, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

cock a pooA Cock a poo is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. Sometimes this breed is refer to as a “spoodle.”  A Cock a poo may be a great choice for people looking for a fun loving and non shedding dog.  One thing that makes cock a poos popular is their short, curly, teddy bear type hair and hypoallergenic coat. They are also friendly to all ages of your family. Cock a poos have a clown like personality.  They are very smart and outgoing and they’ll keep you company.  Cock a poos need a good amount of exercise. If your considering having one in an apartment, make sure he has lots of dog toys maybe even a dog exercise pen and  that he gets plenty of exercise. Take him out for frequent and long walks.

Remember, your pets count.



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Christmas Gifts for Your Pets

Saturday, December 13, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

DOGXMASPRESIt’s that time of year when I have to decide what to get my cats from Christmas. I always wind up getting them the same thing. I have an array of sticks with various toys dangling on the end. If fact, most of them are in the corner, all twisted up and useless! So what will I do again this year? I’ll get another fresh new stick with a toy dangling at the end and next year, this one will wind up in the corner in a twisted knot along with the other sticks. If you are looking for a gift for your pets, try to look for more unique things, like a hand made dog or cat bowl. A hand made pillow with your dog’s name sewn on may be another item that you may want to consider. How about a new dog tag with your dogs picture and other important information engraved on it? Dogs always love homemade treats but if are willing to bake them at home, make sure that are very low in sugar. Your cat will love anything with catnip in it.

It’s always a good feeling knowing that you’ve included your pets during the holiday season. As for me, more sticks, plastic rolling balls with bells in them, toys stuffed with catnip to add to all of the other ones that are stuck under the furniture or in a corner!

Remember, your pets count!

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