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Know Your Pets History

Thursday, May 31, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

When your pet meets a new veterinarian, many questions will come up regarding your pets health history. The doctor will want to know his age, weight, gender, whether or not he’s be neutered and his vaccination history. It’s important to share information and medications your pets is taking, if he’s ever had a bad reaction to a vaccine or antibiotic or if he’s ever had a seizure. The main focus will be on the reason for your current visit. Is your pet exhibiting any health symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea? Does he have any unusual lumps or bumps, or does he have behavioral issues? To give the best possible care, the veterinarian will want to learn everything about the new patient.

Remember, your petss count!

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Dog Walker

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

In today’s hectic world, sometimes it’s difficult to meet the basic needs of our furry friends. Going to work and leaving your dog alone all day is asking for trouble. Would you like to be locked in a room all day with no bathroom? It’s the same for our best friend. Expect lots of accidents not to mention the fact that your dog will get very lonely and may show his anger by deciding to rearrange your house . I had a small dog and have to say left him alone for too long during the day. I would come home and find, plants tipped over, toilet paper pulled from the upstairs bathroom running all the way downstairs into the kitchen. I would also find pillows torn apart with foam all over the house. I was younger but that’s no excuse. Don’t do what I did. Hire a dog walker. It would be so much better for both you and your best friend!

Here’s a list of pros and cons in hiring a dog walker put together by

What Are the Perks of Hiring a Dog Walker?

Hiring a dog walker offers a lot of benefits for you and your dog. Here are some:

  • Your dog gets a one-hour walk, which helps him stay fit.
  • Your furry buddy gets to meet with other dog friends, helping him socialize.
  • Your pooch gets to enjoy a breath of fresh air, keeping him stimulated.
  • Hiring a dog walker is less expensive than sending your dog to a doggie day care.
  • Dog walkers adjust their services to match with your dog’s requirements, including:
  • If your dog is too young or old and will have a hard time keeping up with other dogs.
  • If your dog isn’t used to being around many dogs or tends to be aggressive toward other dogs.
  • If your dog has a health condition that makes it hard for him to keep up with other dogs.

As a dog owner, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that:

  • Your dog gets the exercise he needs
  • You can expect no “accidents” or destroyed items inside your home
  • Your dog is happy about his daily routine


What are the Cons of Hiring a Dog Walker?

Unfortunately, hiring a dog walker may not work for everyone. Here are some cons to consider before hiring a dog walker:

  • Some dogs, especially young or highly energetic breeds, need far more exercise than a one-hour walk. Of course, one hour is better than no hour.
  • Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety after their walk and become destructive when left alone, requiring longer periods of supervision and interaction.
  • Some dogs get amped up by their midday walk. This makes it hard for them to calm down upon returning home. These dogs may show misbehavior when they get bored.
  • You have to entrust your dog and your house key to a “stranger”.

Remember, your pets count!

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Would You Adopt a Catahoula Leopard?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

The Catahoula Leopard  is a versatile, working dog breed that originated in a region of Catahoula lake in central Louisiana. They have intriguing blue eyes and a strange coat. These dogs are extremely agile, territorial, athletic and very protective of  “their property.”  Psychologically, they are more primitive than other breeds and need constant reinforcement.

Many people say that it’s hard to describe this dog unless you own one yourself.  Some people call them “catdogs” because of their intuitive behavior and ability to climb trees. They are very intelligent dogs that needs lots of exercise and activity to keep them happy. They require a minimum of one hour of running each day and do not do well in urban areas for obvious reasons.

They make excellent working dogs and excel in herding, hunting and guarding. They are also used in police work for search and rescue and they also make excellent family pets.

The Catahoula is an assertive dog but not an aggressive one. If attacked, it will defend itself to whatever means necessary.

If you own one, spends lots of time with him in the park tossing him some of his favorite dog toys.

Remember, your pets count!

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Is Your Cat Grumpy?

Sunday, May 27, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Do you ever notice that your cat looks grumpy sometimes?  His body language will show you that he’s a little peeved about something.  What are the things that will make your cat upset? First of all, cats hate dirty, stinky litter boxes.  They may even look for other places to go outside the box. If you think about it, how disgusting is it to use a portable, outside potty? Your cat feels the same way.

Cats also hate taking medicine. It can be difficult getting a cat to swallow a pill. It’s even worse if you expect them to swallow pills dry. Sick cats need medicine and there are several ways to make taking pills not so bad for him.

Spoiled food not only smells bad, but it’s unhealthy for  cats to eat. Cats d0n’t like it. In the summer, if your not in an air conditioned environment, only leave wet for out for 30 minutes.

Your cat may be on your lap, sharing a tender moment as you are petting her, but after awhile may suddenly bite or scratch you and jump down. This is called feline hyperesthesia.

Be sensitive to to your cats emotions and try to make life easier for him by trying to eliminate the things that make him upset.

Remember, your pets count!

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It’s tempting to want to adopt a cute dog that you see staring at you in a pet store or shelter but unless you’re looking for a new friend to adopt and have done your research and are capable of taking care of a new pet, never  adopt on a whim. You are doing the dog more harm than good.

I am writing this blog right now because I am very upset about a situation regarding a dog in my neighborhood. This dog was adopted on a whim and it is very clear that this decision wasn’t thought out at all. The dog, a very cute Beagle gets loose nearly every day. Yesterday, the owner took him to a dog park about 5 miles away. He jumped out of a window or car door and got away again!

If the dog is hyperactive,  close the window and turn on the AC or leave the window open just a crack. If the dog jumped out when the car door is open, stay focused, open the door slowly, grab the collar and take the dog out slowly. A little common sense, goes a long way!  Luckily, he was found that evening and returned to the owner.

All dogs will get loose every now and then but in this situation, it is very apparent that the owner is not capable of handing this pet and is continually placing him in great danger!  I say it time and time again before making the choice to adopt any pet, make sure that you can give him a good, safe home. You must also spend the time to train the dog, don’t scream every time he does something wrong. Be persistent and do some basic command training. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep give the pet a good home and keep him safe. I don’t feel that this dog is safe at this point.

Remember, your pets count!

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Lumps and Cysts on Dogs

Friday, May 25, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

In general, dogs are prone to various kinds of dermal cysts, growths and skin tumors as they age. Many of these growths are benign but some could be cancerous. Always check your dog for any unusual or new growths. If you find any growth on your dog, the best course of action to take is to have your veterinarian examine her. Some of these growths can be diagnosed based on physical exam and inspection. Your vet may want to perform a “fine needle aspiration” to get a sample for microscopic analysis. This is a fairly easy and quick test that can often help to differentiate between a cyst, infection, malignant growth and a benign growth. At this time, your vet will advise you on the best way to proceed. Never use any pet medication on your dog unless checking with your vet first.

Remember, your pets count!

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Summertime is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about that road trip with your pet. had put together a very useful checklist for you. Thank you to for  such a thorough checklist!


Get a Pet Check-up

Make a visit to your vet to for a check-up, confirm all vaccinations are up to date, and discuss any possible concerns about flea, tick or heart worm risks where you will be heading. It’s also a good idea to ask about remedies for car sickness, diarrhea, and allergic reactions – just in case! Finally, consider having your pet micro-chipped. It would be a nightmare, but pets can get separated from their people while traveling. A traveling pet ID tag and a microchip will give you the best chances of finding your furry travel companion if he should get lost.

After your visit, pack your pet’s vaccination certificate and scan the rest of his medical records to a USB drive to take along on your trip.

Decide on Your Mode of Transportation

Once your pet has gotten a “thumbs up” from the vet,  you’ll need to decide how you’ll be traveling. Most people take their own car, and if that’s your plan, make sure it’s tuned up and ready for the drive. Another option is to contact a pet friendly RV rental company and get a motorhome for your trip.

Regardless of how you’ll be getting from here to there, the most important part of any trip is making sure y’all come home safely. Using either a car safety harness or secured carrier for your pets will protect them in case of an accident and prevent them from bolting out of the car in unfamiliar territory.

Plan Your Route

Our pet friendly Road Trip Planner will help you visualize your route and locate pet friendly hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, and activities – like dog parks and pet friendly beaches – along the way. You can also find veterinarians, pet supply stores, and pet sitters or daycare facilities, if the need arises.

Choose Your Accommodations

Whether you’re pitching your tent in pet friendly campgrounds on your way across the States, or staying in pet friendly hotels, consider making reservations in advance. Campgrounds may be busy on weekends and holidays, and some hotels only offer a limited number of pet friendly rooms. Even if you prefer to seize the moment and follow your nose, making a few reservations along the way will provide some peace of mind that you’ll have a place to stay.

Pack for Your Pets

Packing the right gear for your pets is important for any pet friendly road trip.

Deciding what to pack for your pets can be a challenge. You want to have all the things they’ll need to be comfortable, but there’s a limited amount of space available for all of your gear. This list of the basics should get you started:

  • Food and Treats – if you are not certain that you can pick up the brand you feed your pet along the way, pack enough for the whole trip plus a little extra. For canned food – don’t forget the can opener!
  • All of your pets medications, vitamins, supplements, etc.
  • Food and Water Bowls – portable bowls pack easily and are great when you are out & about, and anti-spill water bowls are fantastic in the car (or RV).
  • A disposable litter box and litter for your cat.
  • Treat pouch – new places and experiences means constant training, so set your pup up for success and keep the rewards handy!
  • A couple of rolls of paper towels and some carpet cleaner – for muddy paws and other messes.
  • An old towel – in case of rain, or after swimming.
  • Your pet’s bed and a couple of toys – to make him more comfortable when you spend the night in unfamiliar locations.
  • Waste bags to pick up after your dog along the way.
  • First aid kit.
  • Pet insect repellent and sunscreen.
  • An extra leash – Many places require your pet be on a leash no longer than six feet. You may also want to consider a long leash (15-20 feet) if you plan to hike with your dog or let him run in an unfenced area.

Hit The Road

Seeing the Dog Friendly Sites in Sliver City, New Mexico.

Whether you’re planning to visit the most dog friendly national parks, cross the border to Canada, or embark on the Ultimate Pet Friendly American Road Trip, remember that traveling with your pets is the perfect time to slow down and sniff the roses! Hustling from place to place can make your vacation feel more like work, so underestimate what you can accomplish. We’ve found that driving no more than 300 miles per day works well for us – we have time to stick to the dogs’ exercise and feeding routines and plenty of time to enjoy the sights along the way.

Remember, your pets count.

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Do You Have The Fever…Cat Scratch Fever?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Is Cat Scratch Fever something that you should worry about?  It is true that getting scratched by a cat can lead to health problems.  But usually, there’s no need to get alarmed.  The disease is now known as Cat Scratch Disease and it’s caused by bacteria that can be transmitted from an infected cat to a human through a scratch or a bite.  Most of these cases are children who have been scratched my a kitten. Feral cats and kittens are more likely to carry this disease. Don’t try to touch or hold a feral cat without knowing the cats background. If you’ve been feeding  it and giving it treats for a while, you may be confident that it will not scratch or bite if held. Don’t get too confident.

The symptoms of Cat Scratch Fever are an infected wound, swelling of the lymph nodes and a fever.  In most cases, the disease is mild and no treatment is usually needed. However people with depressed immune systems should see a doctor because they may need antibiotics.

Remember, your pets count!

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Royalty Felines

Sunday, May 20, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this weekend, took our minds off Trump and his cast of characters which is so refreshing. It also took our minds off the rainy bleak weather here on the east coast. has put together a list of adoptable adorable felines in honor of the royal wedding.


Humans weren’t the only ones who geared up for the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry yesterday. In fact, these cats have us all beat when it comes royal fashion.

The furry friends, who are are all adoptable at Best Friends’ Pet Adoption Center in New York, couldn’t be any more adorable as they don the headwear that attendees of the royal wedding often wear.

The adoption center took the opportunity to highlight some of the pets in need of a new home. “We did a fun photo shoot with some of our adoptable cats in royal wedding hats in anticipation of the big day tomorrow,” a rep for the adoption center tells Us, adding that “each cat will go home with their fascinator!”


Remember, your pets count!

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When Your Feline Friend Feels Threatened

Saturday, May 19, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

I’m sure you’ve heard your cat hiss and have seen him puff up his tail.  This means that he feels threatened. If you watch closely, when your cat gets startled, the pupils of his eyes will quickly become smaller.  Your cat may show several different signs that he is frightened. He may also run, hide, growl and arch his back. To help reduce your cat’s anxiety, it is much better to slowly introduce anything that is new or different such as new cat toy, object, person and even another animal. Slowly, over time he will become used to the new addition to his environment. If your cat runs off and hides because he his frightened, don’t run after him and try to pull him out from under the sofa or bed. You’ll just make things worse.  Be patient and let him come out when he is ready. My Cat Millie will always hide when we have company. She doesn’t come out until the company has left and all is quiet again.

One important thing to remember with cats is that you should keep their routine as consistent as possible.  This includes feeding, playing and cuddling.

Remember, your pets count!

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