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dog-barkingI’m sure that you’ve had this experience if you own a dog and don’t keep him in is dog carrier or dog crate while you’re gone. You come home to find your dog at the window barking up a storm!  When your dog is home alone and starts barking, he could be barking a things outside or he may be just upset because you’re gone. Victoria Voight,an Animal Behavorist in Pomona, California suggests that you turn on a thirty minute tape when you leave the house and then listen to the tape when you get back. She says that if you hear  the dog start walking around and whining and barking or knocking things over, he probably has separation anxiety. Dogs have to be acclimated slowly to being alone. Start by leaving for only a minute or two then gradually work your way toward longer intervals. If the problem doesn’t get better seek professional help.

tail-less-catBelieve it or not, feline tail injuries are common. Unfortunately, it is very easy for a cat to get its tail caught in a door or stepped on. Mine got hers caught in her cat carrier and was crying until I helped her out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidently stepped on my cat Mollies’ tail. She will let out a loud cry and I always feel so bad. I even try to apologize to her! (Like she understands!)  Feline tail fractures can be very dangerous to a cat especially if they occur close to the body. The nerve damage that can occur with a tail injury, may hinder movement in the cats hind quarters. It can also prevent your cat from urinating properly. Sometimes the best option is to amputate the tail. This sounds very frightening to many pet owners but cats are very resilient. Most tail less cats will get along jsut fine. The amputation is major surgery but ultimately will not hinder your pets mobility. If fact, you will be surprised how tail less cats will jump and play. So be careful not to step on your cats tail or get it caught in the cat carrier like I did. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries in both cases.

dogs-in-yardIf you are lucky enough to have an enclosed yard for your dog, you may want to take a few more steps to make it safer and more pleasent for your pet. You can start by picking up any debris in the yard and start checking the fence for holes. You may want to consider investing in an invisible fence so you don’t have to worry about your dog jumping or digging his way out.  Consider the landscaping. Is there a shady spot for your dog to rest in the heat? Is it free of poisonous plants?  If you’re not sure what to avoid, ask your veterinarian for a list of hazardous flowers and shrubs. Finally, provide your dog with a dry, comfy shelter, plenty of toys and a big bowl of water. If you do not have the space, you may want to consider investing in a dog exercise pen. Make sure that you put in in a place where there’s shade, and place toys and water in the pet like you would if your pet was in the yard. It is important that the pen is sturdy and that your pet cannot knock it down or jump over it.

pet-sitterAre planning a trip soon? You know that you are placing a lot of responsibility in the hands of your pet sitter. You’re trusting this person to care for your precious pet while you’re gone.  You should help the sitter out by preparing your home properly. Start by doing an inspection of your home. Make sure that cleaning supplies and other materials that may be toxic to your pet are locked up.  Put poisonous plants out of reach. Lock outdoor gates and turn on any outside lights. In addition to leaving detailed contact information and detailed feeding and exercise instructions, make sure that you tell you pet sitter about any unusual circumstances like a door that doesn’t shut or a sink that doesn’t drain.  Make sure you tell the sitter where your pet supplies like pet food, dog leashes, dog water bowls and pet medication are kept. These small preparations will ensure the well being of your pet and will help ease your mind while you’re away.

dog-with-vetIf you’re searching for a new veterinarian, you may have noticed that some veterinarians are certified as VMD’s while others have a DVM after their name. What’s the difference? In terms of expertise, a VMD and DVM are exactly the same. The only difference between the two is the veterinary school that granted the degree. Graduates of the University of Pennsylvania receive a VMD the letters stand for the latan words for Veterinary Medical Doctor. DVM is an abbreviation for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. This is the degree granted by every other vets school. Aside from the name and the school, the degrees are absolutely equivalent. It’s up to you to choose a vet that you are comfortable with. Remember, they do not just administer pet medication but are really an important part of your pets overall health.

christmas-dog-2The Pet Product Guru wishes you and your family and joyous holiday and a healthy, peaceful, prosperous new year. Thank you for reading our articles and we will continue to provide you with many more in 2010!

Lets hope that lots of pets get adopted into good homes this holiday! They deserve a chance. Give your pets a hug for me and hope they get lots and lots of treats (healthy ones), cat toys and dog toys. Make sure that you watch what they eat this holiday. Don’t let them get into the chocolate or other holiday goodies.

Our next posting will be on Friday, Dec. 26th. I’m taking Christmas off! Have a wonderful holiday and thank you for your support.

cat-closetToday, I’ve been working at home all day. At about 1:00pm, I noticed that my small cat Millie was missing was no where to be found. I immediately began searching the house in all of her favorite hiding places calling her name as I searched. Where did she go? She can’t get outside because I live in an apartment. After looking all over, I decided to open the hall closet and there she was all rolled up in a ball, not a care in the world, fast asleep. She was in there all morning!  Cats like to crawls in small places like drawers, baskets,boxes and even dark, quiet closets. My cat once jumped in the dryer! Now this could be a problem. It’s hard to imagine why cats like to be enclosed. They do feel snug and protected in small, quiet places. They feel protected when they are warm and cozy. They also have a natural instinct to be alerted to dangers that can be lurking somewhere. So when you cat is not in his cat bed and you are looking all over the place for him, make sure that you check the closets and of course the clothes dryer!

Doggie Breath – do rawhide bones cause it?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-teethThere really is no evidence that rawide bones cause bad breath but this is a common problem. Many dogs suffer from bad breath. Some of the experts say that if a dog has bad breath, it is usually from Periodontal disease.  Usually plaque forms on the teeth to cause this condition. You really should try to take care of this to ensure the overall health of your dogs teeth and gums.  Plaque formation is a serious condition that could cause gingivitis. This could eventually lead to teeth lose and we all know that we cannot replace your dogs teeth once they are gone. He will have trouble chewing and could develop a host of other conditions. Prevention is better than a cure. You should brush your dogs’ teeth from the time it is a puppy. Once you start brushing, he will become used to it. Buy a good toothbrush and toothpaste. They make them in tasty flavors that dogs like. Get in the habit of brushing their teeth everyday. It will not only prevent dental disease but it could prevent more serious diseases down the road.

cat-christmasAfter work today, I decided that I cannot delay my holiday shopping another day. I waited too long already and had to buy lots of gifts. I got in my car and headed out to the mall. Living in North Jersey where traffic is normally a nightmare proved even worse than could be imagined. Infamous Route 4 was a literal parking lot! When I went to enter the mall, I realized that mall security had blocked off the entrances! Cars were zig zagging all over the place. You really never know what to expect in this state with it’s horrendous traffic all the time!  Luckily, I knew a back entrance that not many people are not aware of. I got in, parked the car and fought the crowds. After I made all the purchases of “people” gifts, I had to shop for my two cats. Off I went to the pet store lugging so many bags of bulky gifts that I felt as if I would tip over!  The cats had to have their presents! I bought a bunch of cat toys, a stocking and some other cat items.  Why do we do this? I would feel that the holiday is not complete without the gifts for the cats. They already have a toy box full of toys from previous Christmasses. Most of the toys are either under the furniture or hidden in some special place. Surely these won’t be found until I sell the condo!  I put the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning like I would for anyone else. Out come my cats Mollie and Millie. They sniff, swat, roll around with them for awhile then, they’re done. Another Christmas with the cats! Well after all, they are part of the family.

Dogs on Viagra – Is this a Pet Medication?

Sunday, December 20, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

cool-dogYes, this does sound strange but I assure you that your dog will not be given viagra to cure his erectile dysfunction! Actually in 2008, the British Media reported that Viagra has been credited to saving the life of a three year old  border collie with heart problems. The dog developed a heart condition after suffering from a lung infection. He would lose consciousness when he got excited because his blood could not pump fast enough. His vet warned that the dog would die from the disease and suggested Viagra as a last resort. Viagra improves blood flow to the heart.  The blue pill was put in his food and it did cure his heart disease. If a dog has poor blood flow, the vet may suggest viagra as a prescribed pet medication because it does improve blood circuation. So don’t be shocked if you hear that one of your furry friends is on viagra. Don’t worry, it’s not for erectile dysfunction!