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It’s hard to believe that there is so much that we could learn about cats.  You wouldn’t think that you would have to know the best area to place their food and water but the truth is you should.  You want kitty to enjoy her meals in a calm place. The kitchen is not always the best place, especially if you are introducing a kitten to it’s new home. They are usually very cautious at first and may become nervous if their food and water is in the kitchen. This is because the kitchen is usually a very active room. There is lots going on there. You want to make sure that kitty is getting the proper nutrition and is taking in the proper amount of fluids. Her mealtime should be a peaceful time when she can enjoy eating.  With the proper thought, you’ll come up with a good location and once you do, don’t change it. Cats are creatures of habit and prefer their environment very consistent. Don’t put her food and water near her litter box as she may become confused as to what to do.

Remember, your pets count!

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That Loving Bulldog

Tuesday, June 29, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

I’ve been seeing lots of Bulldogs around lately. Bulldogs are great companions. Remember that bulldogs and heat don’t mix well. Make sure that he is kept in a cool environment indoors. Make sure he has his dog toys, pet carrier, dog crate and all of the other essentials. The AKC registers over 140 dog breeds every year and the bulldog is in the top 40 every year! When buying water bowls for your bulldog, invest in heavy duty stainless steel bowls. They will reduce the rash and redness on your bulldogs face from the bowls. They can be cleaned easily and are much better than plastic.

Bulldogs get along great with children and other pets as a general rule. They love a nice, soft couch, lots of attention, especially getting their bellies rubbed. They have a great disposition, and will give you and your family lots and lots of love.

Remember, your pets count!

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Cats can very easily interpret voice tones rather than words. I usually speak to my cats in a cheery voice and they usually respond well.  They are constantly sizing up our gestures and syllables to see if we are praising them or are angry at them. Even without words, they pick up our emotions and our intentions. When I act upset, my cats usually keep a distance. They can sense by the vibrations that I’m giving off that something is wrong. Here’s a challenge for you. Without making any gestures, make eye contact with your cat and say in a stern voice, “What a good kitty you are.” “Let me give you a treat.” Then with a smile on your face and a cheery voice say “I hate when you scratch the furniture.” I can bet that your cat will approach you when he hears the happy tone. Even though you’re saying something negative. This will prove that’s it’s not what you say but how you say it!

Remember, your pets count!

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Don’t Ignore Lumps and Bumps on Your Dog

Sunday, June 27, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Many middle ages and senior dogs, especially those that are overweight develop benign tumors under their skin. These growths are usually located on the belly or the upper legs and are generally harmless. If you notice a lump on your dog, have your veterinarian check it out. If it is a benign tumor and the dogs movement is not compromised, no treatment is necessary but it is still a good idea to keep an eye on the fatty deposit to make sure that it doesn’t grow. Your veterinarian can biopsy the growth every now and then to check for any cancerous changes. If your dog has one of these growths (lypoma), there is a chance that he will develop more. This doesn’t mean that you should dismiss any new growths or bumps. Have them checked out. Ask your vet to give each one a proper exam. Usually no pet medication is prescribed and nothing else has to be done.

Remember your pets count!

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Dog in a Basket on Bike? NO NO

Saturday, June 26, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Exercise is essential for your dogs health. Long walks on his dog leash or going to the park and fetching his favorite dog toys are great for maintaining good fitness. The other day, I saw a neighbor riding a bike and toting his four month old Pomeranian in the basket. The pup was wearing his dog leash. This is very dangerous for both the pup and my neighbor. Pups are very energetic as it is and placing him in a basket on a bicycle is just asking for trouble. The pup could easily jump out, get caught on his leash and suffocate. It can also get hit by a car. Never even consider this. While riding your bike, keep your pet safely at home. He would much rather ride in your car to his favorite park and run around with the other dogs!

Remember, your pets count!

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Senility in Cats

Friday, June 25, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Our AtlantisOur cat Atlantis is up there in age my guess is that he’s between 17 and 18. We’re not really sure because we adopted him from a neighbor who since has passed away.  Atlantis has several medical issues including Hyperthyroidism and Kidney disease. In addition to these issues he has become senile. Here are some signs of feline senility.

  • Vocalization (excessive crying or yowling), particularly at night.
  • Pacing, circling, wandering, getting stuck in a corner.
  • Change in sleep patterns, confusing days and nights.
  • Loss of responsiveness to known people—far-off, staring look.
  • Change in appetite.
  • Lethargy.
  • Forgetting where the litter box is or how to use it, resulting in house-soiling.
  • Personality changes—more irritable, less social.

Atlantis howls periodically throughout the day and is missing his litter box. He also has lots of digestive issues. The good news is that he’s in a very loving home. He’s well cared for and gets constant attention.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything we could do about feline senility. Love, comfort and attention are the best we could do with older feline friends.

Remember, your pets count!

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More Regurgitation

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

I woke up this morning to a heap of undigested kibble in our bathroom. I knew who the culprit was. It was Atlantis , our cat with a host of medical issues including digestive problems. We can’t get to the bottom if Atlantis’s regurgitation but he does eat fast. Another problem could be that his bowls are not elevated. This could help slow the eating process down a bit and prevent re-gurgitation. I would always check with your vet if your cat regurgitates frequently. has some tips that could help curb this unpleasant feline experience.

The prognosis for regurgitation in cats depends on the underlying cause of the cat regurgitating. If your cat is regurgitating for idiopathic, or unknown, reasons the veterinarian may ask you to alter the feline’s eating habits. At home, the veterinarian may ask you to experiment with different food consistencies to feed your regurgitating cat. Wet canned cat food and homemade diets are less likely to be regurgitated than dry kibble. You may also be asked to place the food dish on an elevated surface, therefore lifting the cat’s head up to eat and discouraging the normal stance of regurgitation. To make your cat slow down her eating habits, you may be asked to change the design of her food bowl to a flatter surface. A cat that takes time to eat, slows down her chewing, and slows down her swallowing is less likely to regurgitate her food.

Remember, your pets count!

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Cats Communicating with Their Eyes

Tuesday, June 22, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

If you stare at your cat and blink, there’s a good chance that she will blink back. I believe that one way that cats communicate is with their eyes. In shelters, if you blink very slowly at a feral cat, it usually calms them down. Cats can use their eyes to intimidate prey or even each other. When my cat Mollie sits and stares at my younger cat Millie, Millie will dash across the room and hide. Cats have excellent peripheral vision. You get up at night and are stumbling for the light switch but your cat is navigating around the furniture and enjoying her cat food without any problem. They have vertical irises and excellent night vision. Sometimes my cat will start to pounce on the floor. I see nothing but they see a tiny bug moving very fast through the carpet. We may have better color vision, but cats can detect motion much better than us. Cats also have a third eyelid which protects their eyes as they stalk prey under branches and underbrush. This eyelid is on the inside corner of the eye.

It’s not completely certain which colors a cat can see best but cats do have beautiful eyes and many times people will choose a cat based on the color of their eyes. So why is your cat so good at catching that bug or cat toy? That’s because of it’s excellent eyesight and ability to detect motion much better than humans.

Remember, your pets count!

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Aging with Our Pets

Monday, June 21, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Time really flies for both ourselves and our cat companions. Look up one day and your feline friend is not as spry as a kitten and spending more time in her cat bed.We also are not as spry as we used to and find ourselves a bit less active.  Around eight or nine years, cats become prone to the ills of old age. They can develop chronic kidney or liver disease and maybe even diabetes or tumors. Their senses of site, smell, hearing and taste may begin to diminish. As their metabolism changes, a dietary adjustment may be necessary. The later years in humans and cats is no time to carry around too much weight. My cats Atlantis and Millie are 17 years old  and Atlantis has some medical issues like kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. Cats don’t get Alzheimer’ s but they get forgetful as they get older. Through it all, with modern veterinary medicine and your loving care, your cats nine lives can extend into the teens and even early twenties. Just keep giving her the best cat food and don’t forget about those cat treats once and awhile. She may even surprise you andAging chase around one of her cat toys or two!

Remember, your pets count.

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A Happy Ending for A Little Dog

Sunday, June 20, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Our neighbor recently passed away leaving her sweetest little poodle Shamus behind. They were inseparable and spent 24 hours a day together. Our best friends feel the loss of their loved ones whether they are other pets or humans. We are also mourning the loss of our neighbor and friend and will miss our frequent porch visits. There is some good news, Shamus  went to live with our neighbor’s daughter who lives in upstate New York and also has two dogs herself.

Shamus came by to say goodbye the other day but I’m happy that he’s in a good home with other pets and lots of love and care.

We are sad that our neighbor and her little dog are gone but rest assured that they are both in good places right now!

Remember, your pets count!

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