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CATNOTLIKEWe want to feed our pet the healthiest food possible. While shopping for dog food or cat food, the first thing that you should look for is the first ingredient on the bag or can. It should be meat, chicken or fish not grains or byproducts. Most byproducts are considered unfit for human consumption. Why would you want to feed these to our pets? So what are by-products? Don’t get too grossed out but here they are:

Undeveloped eggs
But there are exceptions…
Giblets (livers, hearts, gizzards and necks) as well as other organs can be sold as edible meats or used generically to make hot dogs, bologna and sausage. Think of this when you bite into that hot dog this holiday weekend.

What makes some by-products edible (and others not) isn’t just a matter of what they are but how they’re handled after slaughter. For example, giblets that are not refrigerated immediately after slaughter but stored for up to 24 hours cannot be sold for human consumption.
Yet they can still be legally used for making dog  food or cat food.
Likewise, dead-on-arrival animals or other condemned parts that have been declared inedible and unfit for human consumption can still be used for making pet food.  Thanks to DogFoodAdvisor for providing some of this information.

Read the labels carefully when selecting dog food or cat food. It’s worth it to spend a little more money for quality food for your pet.

Remember, pets are family!

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How Dogs Can Help Those with Autism

Thursday, December 29, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

I read an article hat really interests me. It was about a Labrador Retriever that was trained  to help an autistic boy deal with his disabilities.  According to the article source, the boy has difficulty transitioning from home to school and has outbursts which are common in autistic children. His mother says that the dog’s calming presence helps. The dog is kept on his  leash and causes no problem at school. The school objects to this and says that they already provide him with adequate service for his autism. Although they may provide adequate service, does this prevent the boy from his outbursts? If the dog helps calm the boy and causes no harm, this author believes that he should be allowed to stay in school.  A county judge allowed the dog to accompany the boy to school  temporarily until the case is settled. What do you think? Dogs are smart creatures that have the ability to help the handicapped. Why not let them in schools to help with autism?  Of course many things must be considered before allowing a dog in a classroom. A very small group setting with adequate staff would work best.

Remember, pets are family!

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Herbs that can be Dangerous for Your Pets

Wednesday, December 28, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

CATHERBSNatural Dog health remedies has put together a list of herbs that are dangerous to your pets. Keep this list handy and refer to it when using various herbs.

The following unsafe herbs are potentially dangerous for use in animals and care should be exercised when using them:

While this herb (and its essential oil) is an effective insecticide, it is toxic to dogs and cats at high doses. In particular, it should NEVER be used in pets with existing kidney disease. The essential oil of pennyroyal is extremely concentrated and, to be on the safe side, should not be used on dogs and cats, especially if they are pregnant.

Tea Tree oil
Undiluted tea tree essential oil is VERY toxic to cats and small dogs. (In fact, cats are extremely sensitive to essential oils and it is better not to use essential oils on cats.)

For bigger dogs, use tea tree oil with care. Always dilute the essential oil (at least 50:50) in a carrier oil (e.g. olive or almond oil). Test a small patch of skin prior to use as some pets may be sensitive to the oil.

Comfrey contains small quantities of alkaloids that can cause liver damage or cancer if taken in large quantities or prolonged period of time. Therefore, if comfrey is to be used internally, use it for short periods and in moderation. Also, do not use comfrey in pregnant or lactating pets or those with pre-existing liver disease.

Since the alkaloid concentration is ten times higher in the root than the leaves, DO NOT use comfrey root internally. Comfrey dried leaves, on the other hand, contains very little alkaloids so use the dried leaves if needed.

White Willow Bark
White willow bark contains salicylates (same as in aspirin) which may be toxic to cats. Also, do not give this herb to your dog if he is taking NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

Ma Huang (Ephedra)
This Chinese herb is most commonly prescribed for pets with asthma or respiratory problems. However, it can cause heart arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat) and high blood pressure in animals, and some reports also state that it may cause idiosyncratic reactions in cats. Use with great caution in all pets.

Wormwood is a traditional deworming herb. It is however too strong on pets, because it contains strong volatile oils, tannins, and bitter principles. If used excessively, it can irritate the liver and kidneys, and may even damage the nervous system in extreme cases. The dilemma with wormwood is, if used in small amounts, it is ineffective in deworming. If used in bigger doses, it may cause problems to our pets! Since there are other safer natural remedies for deworming, it is advisable that we use wormwood with extreme caution and only under strict holistic veterinarian advice.

If used in large doses or over an extended period of time, yucca can irritate the stomach lining and intestinal mucosa, which may cause vomiting and bloating.

If used in small doses, yucca is safe. Therefore, avoid giving yucca to your pets more than 4-5 times per week, more than a month or two at a time, or during pregnancy.

Garlic in large amounts can cause Heinz body anemia in dogs and cats. It is not advisable therefore to use garlic in pets with anemia. However, if fed in small amount, garlic is good for many uses, including the treatment of parasites such as fleas and worms, microbial infections, and in the treatment of cancer. One clove of garlic per 10 pounds of body weight for dogs (and 1/2 clove per cat) can usually be fed safely each day. Visit our page on Garlic for Dogs for more information on this herb.

Remember, pets are family!
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Do Cats Get Colds?

Tuesday, December 27, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

When your cat is sneezing and has a runny nose, we assume that it’s a cold. It’s not the same kind of cold that we get. It’s really an upper respiratory infection. In cats, respiratory problems are caused by a complex network of bacteria and viruses that are found in our environment. All cats have been exposed to these pathogens at birth. If your cat has chronic sinusitis and conjunctivitis, it could be caused by the Feline Herpes virus.

So when should you seek the advice of your veterinarian?  Usually a cat cold or respiratory infection has to run it’s course just like it does in humans. Don’t administer any pet medication without the advice of your vet. Seek advice if there is a yellow or green discharge in the eyes or nose or if your cat becomes lethargic or stops eating.  Some cats may need antibiotics to combat these infections. In more severe cases,it’s possible for your cat to develop fevers or pneumonia. Let your veterinarian make the final diagnosis.

Remember, pets are family!
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 25, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

It’s been a pleasure writing about “our little friends” and we intend to keep the information coming to you in 2023. Have a great holiday and make sure that you keep your pets safe during this time. Make sure that they don’t get into any holiday treats that they shouldn’t have. You don’t have to lock them up just make sure that they are supervised closely during the holiday festivities. After all they are also a part of your family.

There are also thousands of unwanted dogs and cats spending their holiday in shelters. They are anxiously waiting to be adopted into a loving household. If it’s in your heart to give one of these little guys a second chance, please do so. It return, they will provide you with many years of unconditional love and affection.

Enjoy your holiday and thank you so much for your support throughout the year.

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Avoid Bad Dog Crating Habits

Friday, December 23, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-crate-3A crate should always be a positive experience for your dog. Some people use the crate in the wrong way and create a negative experience for their dog.  Bad crating occurs when the crate is over used or is misused.  Some people want their dog out of the way so they “throw” then in their dog crate. These people should not own a dog.  Crating a dog for eight hours while you’re at work or overnight is fine as long as the dog is given plenty or attention and exercise when you’re home.  People who crate their dog for longer periods must question why they got a dog in the first place.  It’s fine to send a child to his room if he has done something wrong. Dogs do not take to this kind of discipline in the same way. If your dog chews something that he is not supposed to and you “throw” him in his crate to punish him, you are not only punishing the dog but you are punishing yourself. The dog will NEVER want to go in his crate because you created such as bad experience for him. NEVER USE THE CRATE FOR PUNISHMENT!! You’ll be sorry if you do. Remember, dogs live in the moment, so you must catch in in the act of doing something wrong and correct him in the right way.

Remember, pets are family!
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Geriatric Pets —Preventative Care

Thursday, December 22, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

geriatric petsAs our pets get older, they will require more medical care just like we do. Pay attention to your pet as he gets older.  You should take him for a basic physical exam every six months. Check any changes to your pets appetite, thrust, urination and defecation habits. Does your pet vomit or have diarrhea? Is he sleeping more than usual? Is he coughing or does he show sign of exercise intolerance?  Normally, as pets age, they may sleep more but it can also be due to a variety of other things like arthritis, heart disease or even cancer. These conditions can be treated if diagnosed early. This is why it’s important to take your aging pet for regular checkups. As a general rule, take pets that are over the age of eight for a physical exam every six months and blood work once a year. If you notice a symptom such as weakness or vomiting, get your pet in for a checkup right away.

Remember,pets are family!

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Doggie Hypothermia — a Real Danger

Tuesday, December 20, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

We’ve spoken about how heat affects your dog. Today, we’re gonna talk about how the cold affects your dog.  A dog with hypothermia is a very cold animal who’s losing body heat faster than he could generate more. He’ll start to shiver to warm up and every hair will stand on end to trap heat.  If his body heat falls below 100.5 Fahrenheit, hypothermia can set it.  In mild cases, your dog will seem sluggish and slow.  Get him indoors and into a nice warm room and cozy dog bed and wrap him in a warm blanket. Let him warm up slowly. If he seems so sluggish that he is near collapse, rush him to the nearest clinic for treatment.  Even if your dog gets better, have him checked by your veterinarian. Hypothermia can cause permanent damage.

Remember,pets are family!

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The Unconditional Love of a Pet

Sunday, December 18, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

Mojo was the sweetest dog ever!

Several years ago my brother and sister-in law lost their beloved dog Yankee. Yankee had been with them for almost 15 years but succumbed to multiple health problems.  My brother also volunteers at a local animal shelter and several months after he lost Yankee, he decided to adopt an older dog.

Adopting an older dog can be very rewarding because you’re giving a new life to a poor animal that is coming toward the end of their days.  My brother decided to adopt a sweet older dog named Mojo. On Christmas Eve, Mojo began having seizures and trouble breathing.  During the course of a short period of time, Mojo had about five seizures. My brother took him to the Animal Hospital where he was told that Mojo was bleeding internally. The only option was exploratory surgery and they couldn’t guarantee that Mojo would survive it. My brother did the right thing and decided to have Mojo euthanized. It was obvious that he was really suffering .The doctors at the hospital confirmed his decision. My brother and sister in law are broken hearted over the loss of their beloved pet. Even though they had Mojo for only two years, the unconditional love and affection he provided was as strong as having a pet for 15 plus years.

I met Mojo on Thanksgiving and he was one of the sweetest dogs ever. He was comfortable, content and obviously enjoying his home. It’s wonderful to provide an older animal with a good home but always remember, that love transcends time. Just because the pet won’t be with you as long as a younger one would, you’ll still love them just as you would a younger pet. We will all miss Mojo but are glad the end of his life was great !

Remember Pets are Family!

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When Your Senior Cat Requires More Attention

Saturday, December 17, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

Since our cat Atlantis passed away, our senior cat Millie craves more attention. She wants to be brushed at a certain time, wants to be hugged and pet at a certain time, wants her snacks at a certain time and wants to sleep in certain places at certain times. If she doesn’t get her way, she finds us and meows until we give in. She sometimes climbs up on places she shouldn’t be just to get our attention. analyzes the reasons why your senior cat may crave more attention.

If your cat wants to show her affection for you, she may follow you around or brush up against your legs. One of the most affectionate displays is when a cat will rub its head on their human companions. This friendly, aroma-sharing gesture enables a feline to reinforce a positive relationship and mark you with her scent as she releases pheromones that signal comfort and familiarity. This is a loving signal that your cat wants your attention. To learn more about the ways our cats show us they love us, go to 7 Signs Your Cat Actually Adores You.

If you are working at the computer or reading the newspaper, your cat may sit in front of the computer screen or on the keyboard, or she may jump up and sit on top of your newspaper while you are reading. She may stare at you incessantly. Essentially she is saying, “Look at me! Pay attention to me!” When this happens, you should take some time to show affection to your kitty. Stop what you are doing for a few minutes. Pet her and talk to her and let her know that you love her. If it is possible for you to take a break, see if your kitty wants to play with you.
Tricks Older Cats Use To Get Your Attention

Another trick cats use to get attention is to reach out and push something off the countertop with their paw. Cats usually do this when we are there to watch it happen. If your attention is focused elsewhere, your cat may just reach out with its paw and swipe at an item, pushing it off the table to the floor. This is your cat’s way of saying, “Hey, look at me! Play with me!”
Cat Talk: Your cat will tell you what he needs through vocalization.

If your cat wants attention, he will find a way to show you. Your cat may become more clingy as he ages, wanting to be with you every moment of the day or night. If your cat has lost some of his sensory perception, being with his human companion may be a stabilizing influence in his daily life. To learn more about caring for a senior cat go to How to Transition to Managing Old Cat Behavior.

If your senior cat still likes to play, you should engage in play as often as he is willing. This is a great way to give your cat the attention he seeks and the activity will help to keep his aging body healthy.

While some older cats become more aloof and less interactive, others become more needy. They seem to crave more attention. If your senior cat wants attention, make sure to give it to her. Give her plenty of lap time and talk to her sweetly. Show her that she is important to you. If she still likes to play, get one of her favorite toys and play together. Show your older cat plenty of love and affection and she will be happy.

Remember pets are family!
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