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cute kitten 2Feral cats are the ones that survive outdoors. They are continually hunting and looking for food. These cats may seem like they need a good home. Cat we ever really tame a feral cat? My older cat Mollie came from a family of feral cats that lived in the swamps behind my apartment complex. I found her when she was only 5 weeks old.  She lived her whole life indoors in a comfortable, loving home. If you have other pets, how will this feral cat get along with them?  First, lets talk about the taming part. Animal behavior experts say that some feral cats can adapt to domestic life.  Prepare yourself for some touch and go moments and maybe even some disappointment.  Chances are, you missed that early socialization period.  The first weeks of a kittens life are the ones where they learn to deal with others, including humans. On the other hand however, a feral cat may just adapt better with the pets in your home.  It’s life in the wild has taught it the survival value of cooperation. So give it a try. In a few weeks, you may see your new playing with his cat toys and enjoying his life indoors!

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DOG ICE 3CAT BOXI’m sure all of you have heard of lyme disease. Did you know that ticks can carry and transmit other diseases as well including anaplasmosis and rocky mountain spotted fever? Regardless of where you live, you must be on the alert for ticks. Susan Little, a Professor of Parasitology at Oklahoma State University says that dogs  are becoming infested with ticks more than ever before. To protect your pet, Dr. Little recommends that you use a tick control product year round. Make sure that you keep your pet out of underbrush and other tick havens and routinely check for ticks. It may be a good idea to ask your vet about the vaccine for Lyme disease.

Keeping Flea and tick spray on hand all the time even in the winter is always a good idea but even better, be aware that ticks can cause dangerous diseases to your pets so and be alert and give them routine checkups!


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She helped me make it through this horrid week at work!!!

She helped me make it through this horrid week at work!!!

This has been one of the worst weeks that I’ve had in a long time. “Stress” was the name of the game! There was a major debacle with the training that I was supposed to take at the school that I work at. I tried to speak with the State of New Jersey to straighten out this issue but  didn’t get anywhere.   I  had to  rush to teach a class that  consisted of extremely active second graders and when I got to the door, who was there to greet me? My Administrator who was there to do my first unannounced evaluation. It was the kiss of death!!  So how did it go, you may ask? It was like a catastrophic category 5 hurricane!  Because of the training debacle, I didn’t have time to review my lesson (by the way, I didn’t cause the training mess.) which was a math lesson where the children had to use rulers to measure objects. Second graders with rulers!!!! Really??? Yes “really.” The lesson couldn’t have gone worse! The most disturbing thing is that my evaluator stood two feet from me with a computer taking notes the whole time. She didn’t intervene to try to help keep this sinking ship afloat but rather tortured me and stayed typing away through the entire landfall of this hurricane  !   It’s really sad that teachers have to fear these God forsaken unannounced evaluations. What about trying to build people up rather than tear them down?  This is what the education system has become.  The stress was so great that my blood pressure jumped extremely high. I’ve decided to resign from teaching at the end of this school year. Funny, I’ve only been a teacher for 2 and a half months! What a long, fruitful career!

During this week, my cat Molly has been especially concerned. Cats do sense when something is not right with their owners. Throughout this whole time, Molly has been sitting next to me and following me all over the house. She sits on my bed and just stares like she’s making sure that I’m still breathing.  Cats can be very misunderstood,  their affection may not be as obvious as a dogs but it is definitely there. I’m glad that Molly was there for me this week. Every day, I look forward to coming home and sitting on the couch with her snuggled next to me. Cats can help lower blood pressure and can calm you down. I know, she really helped me through this really tough time. Kudos to my cat Molly!!

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DOG HIDNGThis article appeared in the Bergen Record. Most pet owners would leap into action and go the extra mile to rescue their pet with CPR if necessary. Tammy Parks of Amherst Mass. has taken a pet first aid class and she says that she wouldn’t hesitate to help her 15 year old mixed breed terriers, Lucy and Julia. She says that the CPR mechanics are the same as humans. Parks was an American Red Cross first aid trainer. Size is the bigger difference. A poll found that few pet owners are prepared to handle pet emergencies. Only 20 percent have a pet first aid kit in their home and 54 percent do not have a fire evacuation plan for their pets. The survey also showed dangerous practices that could lead to accidents and injuries. The article pointed out that a quarter of pet owners give their pets bones from table scraps. If you do this, you are looking for trouble! STOP IT!! Sixty two percent of dog owners and a third of cat owners let their pets ride in their cars unrestrained, rather than placing them in their special pet carrier. Eleven percent leave their pets unattended in a car or truck. This is just plain cruelty!  Still pet owners said that they would go the extra mile to rescue their pet. This is great but remember all of the basics that were mentioned in this article to ensure complete safety for your pets.

Remember, your pets count!

TENT DOGEven though your pet enjoys the outdoors, he may tread on dangerous ground.  You decide to take your dog camping with you. He loves being out in the woods or field but poisonous snakes can go with the territory. Dr. Fred Omi, a Veterinarian at Kansas State University says that not all snake bites are alike.  He says that only half of the bites given to dogs or cats by snakes are injections of venim. The rest are called “dry” bites where the snake bites but does not inject the venum into the dog or cat.  Don’t overreact but never ignore your pets snakebite. Don’t attempt to administerpet medication yourself. See your veterinarian right away, he will determine whether the bite needs further treatment.

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How I Avoid Cat Fights

Friday, March 21, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT FIGHTAs  most of you know, I have two cats that are rivals. My older cat, Molly demands all of my attention. Millie, my younger cat, is more independent. Molly will do anything to be nasty to Millie. Here’s what I noticed recently. If I’m busy as I have been these past few weeks, I pay less attention to my cats, not that I should but that’s how it usually works out. I noticed that when I don’t give Molly the attention she requires, she is very mean to Millie. She prevents Millie from getting to her litter, she hisses and swats her at every chance she gets. I have been giving both cats lots of attention these past few days, especially Molly. I’ve noticed that when I do provide her with lots of hugs and comforting strokes, she does not bother Millie. Am I on to something? Stay tuned and I will let you know if this pattern continues!

Remember, your pets count!


Gum Disease in Dogs

Thursday, March 20, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

CUTE PUPPY 5Dogs can get gum disease just as humans can.  The best way that you can prevent it is by brushing your dog’s teeth. Cats and dogs both get plac  which causes gum disease. The good news is that the disease tends to develop on the outside of their teeth. Dr Tom Kline is a veterinarian who practices pet dentistry near Columbus Ohio. He says to put the brush inside the lips on the outside of the teeth. Make sure that you use a toothpaste made especially for pets. Your dog or cat will enjoy the taste as they come in various flavors such as beef or chicken. Brush gently back and forth. This will be enough to remove the plac and prevent it from coming back. Your dogs tongue may try to snatch some of the meat flavored tooth paste.  Use these preventative measures and you will eliminate having to treat gum disease with pet medication or other means.

Remember, your pets count!

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The Most Heroic Dog in History

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy
Chips, the greatest dog hero!

Chips, the greatest dog hero!

Many dogs can be called “war dogs” but only one has a Disney movie that chronicles his adventures and heroic measures. Chips is that great dog! During World War II, this Shepherd mix was donated to the war effort.  He was soon on the front lines acting like a tank guard dog in Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. One time, he dragged phone cable across a battlefield so that his platoon could call for backup.  Chips is most noted for one event that happened on a  beach in Sicily. Chips and his handler came under fire from a hidden pillbox. Chips jumped away from  his handler and right into the enemy location. The enemy solders came out seconds later with Chips behind them and surrendered.

Like that wasn’t enough, later that night he alerted his squad to some approaching Italians, who were promptly captured.  Chips received a purple heart and a silver star for his heroic actions but unfortunately these were stripped away because dogs were re-classified in the military as “equipment,” making him the last canine that was officially decorated! Chips was a lot more than a “piece of equipment.” he was a lifeline and a hero!

Remember, your pets count!

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Big Dog In The Big City

Sunday, March 16, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

DANE IN CITYAccording to Dr. Timothy Mann, a New York City veterinarian, dogs, energy levels and temperament are more important than factors and size. Some large dogs don’t need a big living space if you provide other opportunities for exercise.  He says that St. Bernards and even great  Danes can all live comfortably in the city. The need regular long walks or a run in a dog park. Then, when they come home, they will be content just lying around. Greyhounds will surprise you. They like to run when they have a chance but they are big couch potatoes! Just give them enough exercise outside and they’ll do fine.

st-bernardThere are advantages to having smalls breeds in apartments or condominiums. Some small dogs can even be trained to use a litter box or fake grass on a balcony so you don’t have to worry about rushing downstairs or waiting for the elevator. Apartments are usually too small to accomodate a dog exercise pen, so it’s important that you take your little one out often for exercise.

How to Make Your Cat Feel Safe in Your Absence

Saturday, March 15, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT SITTER,jpgThere are times when we have to leave our pets with a sitter or family member. Cats are creatures of routine and it’s always best to keep them at home while you’re gone, with a sitter of course. Cats feeling the absence of their owners will need extra attention and  reassurance. It’s best to have someone that your cat is familiar with stay with her while you’re gone.  While you’re gone, try not to make any more changes to her routine. Make sure that the sitter, feeds her at the same time and in the same place each day. Make sure her litter is kept clean. It’s a good idea to leave some of your clothing around for her to lie on. She will feel more secure being near something with your scent on it. When you arrive back home, you will be re-assured that your cat was not stressed and kept calm and content the whole time that you were gone. Of course, she did miss you although your she might not be at the door waiting!

Remember, your pets count!

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