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Montreal Bans Pit Bulls

Friday, September 30, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

pitbullThere is disturbing news that the City of Montreal are banning Pit Bulls and similar dogs. I still believe that much of their bad rap comes from people. They are not trained properly or at all and in many cases come from a violent background. Many humans that come from a violent background become violent themselves. Pit Bulls need to be trained and raised properly when they are young.

Unfortunately many of these animals in the Montreal area will never sleep in a warm dog bed, enjoy  tasty dog treats or run around chasing their favorite dog toys with their owners.

Here is an article by Kelly Bender of People Pets.

The city council of Montreal, Canada, has passed a controversial pit bull ban with a 37-23 vote in favor of changes to the city’s animal control bylaw, which will ban the new ownership of pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs.

According to CBC, the bill, which was original supposed to come to a vote in 2018, was moved up after a woman was fatally attacked by a dog in Montreal. The attacking dog was identified as a pit bull, but police are still waiting on DNA tests to come back to support these claims.

The new measure will go into effect starting on Oct. 3 in all of the city’s 19 boroughs. This ban applies to Staffordshire bull terriers, American bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, mixes of these breeds and any dog who presents characteristics of these breeds.

Those in Montreal who already own one of the banned dogs will have to obtain a special permit for their pet by Dec. 31. This permit can be passed on to a family member or spouse, in case the owner of the dog dies before their pet.

The bylaw also created the categories of “at-risk” and “dangerous,” which can be applied to all dogs in the city. “At risk” is for canines who have bitten someone or exhibited other aggressive behaviors, and “dangerous” is meant for dogs who have killed a human or have been dubbed dangerous by an expert.

“No matter what, if your dog is dangerous, we will be able to act accordingly,” Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre told CBC.

The ability to ban dog breeds and euthanize those deemed as dangerous is considered an important step by supporters, who see the new bylaw as a way of putting the lives and safety of humans before dogs.

Many others are outraged by the vote and believe the ban will only cause larger issues down the line, while also endangering countless dogs and diminishing the owner’s responsibility for incidents. Numerous animal rights advocates and legal experts in Canada and across the globe are speaking out on the dangerous flaws in the ban and how similar legislation in other cities has been repealed.

“We all want safe and humane communities for people and pets. Breed discriminatory ordinances fail to enhance public safety, are expensive to enforce and violate the rights of responsible dog owners,” Ledy VanKavage, the Sr. Legislative Attorney for Best Friends Animal Society, an American animal welfare organization, told PEOPLE in a statement. “The Montreal ban focuses on the wrong thing — the focus should be on the behavior of the dog and the behavior of the owner. Innocent pets shouldn’t be killed for being born the wrong breed. Responsible pet owners who follow the right safety rules should be able to own whatever of breed of dog they choose — it’s that simple.”

In response to the ban, the Montreal SPCA has threatened to end its dog control services. A Montreal-based coalition of lawyers and animal behavior experts, who openly oppose the ban, plan to move forward with a court challenge they had prepared in case the new discriminatory legislation was voted through.

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Do You Have Extra time? Become a Pet Volunteer

Friday, September 30, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

volunteerYou are always giving love and affection to your pets but you still have more to give. How can you help dogs and cats in need? You can start at your local animal shelter. Many times they really need volunteers to walk dogs and pet and play with cats or even to provide foster care to some kittens or puppies until they are old enough to be adopted. There are rescue organizations for almost every breed of dog and for cats too. Animal sanctuaries need volunteers to help with care and feeding. After a natural disaster, like the earthquake in Haiti, many pets may need foster homes , cat or dog food, a warm dog or cat bed until they can be adopted. This is very vital at this time of need. To find a place to volunteer in your area, check the yellow pages or search online under animal shelter or animal rescue. You help is greatly needed.

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Practical and Stylish Dog Clothes

Thursday, September 29, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dooldogclothesThese days it’s not uncommon to walk down the street and see pets adorned in all manner of human clothing. Paris Hilton helped to popularize the trend; her Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, practically served as a fashion accessory in her own right. Hilton would parade around with the dog peering out of a purse or handbag, and it was almost always decked out in miniature pink apparel.

Dog coats aren’t just stylish statements, however – they have a more practical purpose as well. Now that the air has turned cooler and rain is now falling on Delmarva and the mid-atlantic, a puppy parka or rain slicker is an essential part of any walking routine. As the weather gets colder, a heavy dog coat will keep small dogs warm during those long cold walks. Even though dogs’ natural fur is usually enough to keep them warm, it doesn’t always cut it in harsh conditions.

Remember, your pets count!

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cathighriseMany cat owners open their windows and don’t realize that they are putting their cat at risk. If they live in a high rise, don’t think that your cat won’t jump out of the open window. Cats are curious by nature and the open window in just asking for trouble.

Check all windows and screens and make sure that they are sturdy and secure. Cats can easily tear through loose screens. I would recommend installing claw proof screens. They are available in most home improvement stores. If you have adjustable screens, make sure that they are tightly wedged into the window frame so your cat cannot push it through. Childhood window guards are not secure for cats. Cats can easily slip through them. Make sure that your window shades pull strings are not a loop. Cut the string to make two strings so your cat cannot get caught in the loop. Keep your cat safe, give him plenty of  cat treats and cat toys, play with him frequently and he’ll be your best friend for many years!

Remember, your pets count!

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caturinecat-drinkingAs you know, my older cat Molly is suffering from chronic kidney disease. She is 17 years old and this disease is common in older cats. Unfortunately kidney disease is not curable. They key is to  sustaining your cats quality of life for as long as you can. The first thing I noticed is that Molly was at her water bowl all the time and from there, she would go directly to her litter pan to urinate. The litter pan got saturated with volumes of urine and had to be changed very frequently. This along with frequent vomiting is a classic sign of kidney disease. If you notice any of these signs, take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. There are ways to slow down the progress of this disease and your vet will advise as to the best method. Do not give any over the counter pet medication on your own. In most cases, it won’t work. Molly is on a mixed wet cat food diet that is lower in protein and phosphorus. She also gets a few drops of high potent omega oil mixed with her food. Although she still urinates frequently, her vomiting and water intake has decreased a bit. “Dad is taking good care of her.”

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Heartless Killing of Innocent Animals Just For Fun

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

shootsquirrelA rabbit runs though a yard and nibbles on some plants, the enraged home owner runs to his drawer, pulls out his gun and shoots the rabbit dead. These horrible things are going on all the time. Do these poor, innocent animals deserve to die? There is an underlying evil in lots of people who get a thrill out of killing. Even if it’s only a small innocent animal.They were put on earth just like we were. Some stupid excuses that you may hear are  “oh that squirrel eats all of the bird food, so it deserves to die!” How sick!  Especially when there are effective products on the market to keep certain animals away from shrubs and plants. People in America are gun happy. I believe that there is really an underlying evil, instability or call it what you may in many of these gun toting individuals. Gun violence in this country must stop but also the violence must include the killing of thousands of innocent little animals. Get the sickness out of humans!!!!! It’s not the animals that are ruining the world. it’s the humans!

Remember this when you take your little dog for a walk on his leash or buy some new dog or cat toys, or run around the park with your dog and toss around his favorite dog toy. Animals are innocent creatures and should never be shot “just for the fun of it” or just because they “nibble on your plants!” Go the the freakin store and buy an animal repellent you evil, lazy idiot!!

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An Easy Way To Remove Cat Hair

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

doskocil-grooming-fur-pet-hair-magnet-0 doskocil-grooming-fur-pet-hair-magnet-0Does cleaning up your cat’s fur drive you nuts? You may want to purchase a cat hair magnet. This great invention comes in a variety of forms. Some are large arched brushes that your cat can rub against effectively grooming herself, others are small rubber tools that you can use to clean your furniture. The term “magnet” is a bit misleading. Although the products are designed to trap cat hair, they’re not technically magnets. The rubber bristles in these products generate an electrostatic charge that help attract and hold loose fur. Then you can easily vacuum it up before it sticks to your furniture.

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Changes in Your Cats Mood

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catgrumpSome days we feel like a million bucks other days,we feel bummed out and want to be alone. Our cats are the same as us in this way. Today, my older cat Mollie got up and crawled under the bed. She usually follows me all over the house and craves my attention. Today ,she may not be feeling well and wants to be alone.  She does have hyperthyroidism and Kidney disease and I’m always aware of any changes in her behavior. She does not like her prescription diet and sometimes during the night she will sneak and eat my younger cat Millie’s dry cat food which she is not supposed to have. I gave her a cat treat and a little more attention today. Maybe she just wants to be alone today. Respect you cat’s moods and always give her lots of love. Never scold her, it will get her more upset. Tomorrow she’s be back to her “normal” self and will be craving all of your attention as usual. Buy her a new cat toy with some cat nip in it. It’s sure to get her going.

Remember, your pets count!

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Walk The Dog ….CHECK —–Excercise……CHECK

Monday, September 26, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

walkparkIf you’re dog owner, there will be two common items on your “to do” list. One is walk the dog, the second is either “go to the gym” or “exercise.” If you are having trouble sticking to an exercise schedule, research has shown that dogs are actually natures best personal trainer. Your friends my make excuses to skip exercising or convince you to go for a drink instead of going to the gym but your dog will never give you an excuse to forego exercising.

Research has shown that only 16% of Americans over 15 exercised at all on a given day.

A survey of dog owners, conducted at the University of Western Australia and published in Health Promotion Journal of Australia  revealed that dogs are great motivators for walking because they:

  • Provide a strong motivation to maintain a program
  • Are good walking companions
  • Provide good social support when exercising

In a study published in the journal Preventive Medicine in September 2008. Dog owners who reported walking their dogs were almost 25 percent less likely to be obese than people without dogs. A total of 30 minutes per day is sufficient. A ten minute walk around the neighborhood in the morning and a twenty minute romp in the park tossing around your dogs favorite dog toys and having him run free from his dog leash would be sufficient. Most people walk their dog three times a day so in most cases, you will get more than thirty minutes of exercise.

So grab that dog leash, call your dog and go for a brisk walk. You both will benefit. Have a great day!

Remember, your pets count!

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Grumpy Cat

Monday, September 26, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

grumpy-catDoes your cat appear to be a little grumpy lately? You could be causing your cats behavior. Your cats body language could be telling you that something is upsetting him. One pet peeve of cats is dirty kitty litter. Does his litter smell like a portable toilet? Cats hate a dirty, stinky litter pan.  They may even be driven to seek a substitute toilet. It could be the carpet or even your bed! The solution, make sure that you keep your kitty’s litter clean. Scoop every day and change the entire litter once a week. I’m sure that your cat will appreciate you for it!

Remember, your pets count!

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