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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Dog Walker

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

In today’s hectic world, sometimes it’s difficult to meet the basic needs of our furry friends. Going to work and leaving your dog alone all day is asking for trouble. Would you like to be locked in a room all day with no bathroom? It’s the same for our best friend. Expect lots of accidents not to mention the fact that your dog will get very lonely and may show his anger by deciding to rearrange your house . I had a small dog and have to say left him alone for too long during the day. I would come home and find, plants tipped over, toilet paper pulled from the upstairs bathroom running all the way downstairs into the kitchen. I would also find pillows torn apart with foam all over the house. I was younger but that’s no excuse. Don’t do what I did. Hire a dog walker. It would be so much better for both you and your best friend!

Here’s a list of pros and cons in hiring a dog walker put together by

What Are the Perks of Hiring a Dog Walker?

Hiring a dog walker offers a lot of benefits for you and your dog. Here are some:

  • Your dog gets a one-hour walk, which helps him stay fit.
  • Your furry buddy gets to meet with other dog friends, helping him socialize.
  • Your pooch gets to enjoy a breath of fresh air, keeping him stimulated.
  • Hiring a dog walker is less expensive than sending your dog to a doggie day care.
  • Dog walkers adjust their services to match with your dog’s requirements, including:
  • If your dog is too young or old and will have a hard time keeping up with other dogs.
  • If your dog isn’t used to being around many dogs or tends to be aggressive toward other dogs.
  • If your dog has a health condition that makes it hard for him to keep up with other dogs.

As a dog owner, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that:

  • Your dog gets the exercise he needs
  • You can expect no “accidents” or destroyed items inside your home
  • Your dog is happy about his daily routine


What are the Cons of Hiring a Dog Walker?

Unfortunately, hiring a dog walker may not work for everyone. Here are some cons to consider before hiring a dog walker:

  • Some dogs, especially young or highly energetic breeds, need far more exercise than a one-hour walk. Of course, one hour is better than no hour.
  • Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety after their walk and become destructive when left alone, requiring longer periods of supervision and interaction.
  • Some dogs get amped up by their midday walk. This makes it hard for them to calm down upon returning home. These dogs may show misbehavior when they get bored.
  • You have to entrust your dog and your house key to a “stranger”.

Remember, your pets count!

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