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Searching for a Good Vet

Friday, January 27, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

vetpetA veterinarian is your pets second best friend. Remember, the worst time to look for a vet is when you really need one. A veterinarian should also have good people skills. Usually a veterinarian works with a team of professionals so you would want to evaluate the teams competence and caring. You also must make sure that their fees are within your budget. The best way to find a good veterinarian is by starting with a recommendation from a friend, neighbor, groomer or animal shelter worker. Check the yellow pages under “veterinarians” or “Animal Hospitals,” you may be able to find important information about the hours, services and staff. Some veterinarian hospitals are members of the American Animal Hospital Association which signifies that the hospital has pursued and met the AAHA’s standards in areas such as quality care, facilities and equipment. Before choosing a vet, ask yourself these important questions:

1. Is the facility clean and comfortable?

2. Are there technicians and other staff members on hand?

3. How many veterinarians are in the practice?

4. Are appointments required?

5. Do they provided emergency round the clock service?

6. Is the staff caring, calm, competent and courteous?

7. Do they communicate effectively?

8. Do the veterinarians have special interests such as geriatrics?

9. Are X Rays, endoscopy, ultrasound and other tests done in house?

Choose a vet early on in your pets life. Make sure you are comfortable that you’ve made the right decision.

Remember, pets are family!

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Why are Cats Fascinated with Boxes?

Thursday, January 26, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

catboxWhy are cats so fascinated with boxes?  I always let my cats explore empty boxes before throwing them away. They have all kinds of cat toys and many cat beds everywhere but why the urge to explore an empty box? Curling up inside a small enclose space makes your kitty feel safe. This could be in the comfortable cat bed that you bought for him or inside an empty box. Cat like to watch their environment and yet be invisible. This is how they hide from predators. In the wild, you could walk right past a leopard and not even know he was there. Cats and kittens do the same thing. They hide in boxes or under beds and spring into action when they are unnoticed. A cardboard box is a place where he feels safe and could be sneaky. So when you purchase a new product, let kitty explore that empty box even it’s only for a little while.

Remember, pets are family!

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The Best Kitty Litter

Wednesday, January 25, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

I’ve used so many different types of kitty litter over the years. Most begin to smell after awhile, the litter pan gets dirty very fast and sometimes my cats didn’t even like to use it. I’ve also tried the clumping litter which was still not satisfactory to me. After my cats would urinate several times, the litter got so hard and began to smell. Several years ago, I started using a brand called The World’s Best Litter. The best thing about this litter is that you are able to scoop out both the poop and urine and immediately flush it down the toilet. This keeps the litter clean. There is no smell at all. Another great thing is that it lasts longer. By scooping and flushing everyday, you don’t have to change it as frequently.

It is more expensive but well worth it!
Remember, pets are family!

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Cat Bonding with Licks

Tuesday, January 24, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

KITTYKISSESMany cats enjoy licking their owners hands and faces. Are they giving you kisses or are they “buttering” you up to stay on the good side of their main food source? Cats are mutual groomers. It’s their nature to groom other animals and that includes people. When your cat licks you, he is bonding with you. This is seen in many social animals. This reduces the stress levels in both you and your cat. Your cat may lick you for similar reasons. It’s his way of relaxing, bonding with you showing affection and claiming you for his own. Maybe he enjoys the taste of the salt on your skin or maybe your cat believes that you aren’t as clean as he is. After all we don’t wash ourselves every hour throughout the day like they do.

Remember,pets are family!

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Beautiful Persian Cats

Sunday, January 22, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

persian2persianAccording to the Cat Fanciers Association, the Persian is the most popular pedigreed cat breed in the United States. It could be it’s long, beautiful coat that makes everyone love it or maybe it the Persian’s playful personality. Toys that he case chase will keep hi occupied. They also love cat toys containing cat nip. It’s also quite and easy going and most Persians readily adapt to new households and accept other pets. This makes the breed relatively easy to care for.  Persians do require extra grooming. Their large eyes are prone to tearing and infection so a Persians eyes and face should be kept clean. The breeds long fur can also become matted so they should be brushed daily. Persians are a pleasure to own and all the extra care is worth it!

Remember, pets are family!

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Dog Food is a No No for Cats

Friday, January 20, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT DOG EATYou just ran out of cat food and can’t get to the store today. You may wonder if you could sneak some dog food to your cat. Absolutely not! Dogs and cats have distinctly different dietary needs.Dog chow lacks nutrients that cats need such as Taurine. This amino acid is necessary for the health of your cat’s eyes, digesting fats, and for keeping heart muscles healthy.Cats are carnivores and dogs are omnivores. This means cats need more meat protein than dogs need. A few nibbles from the dogs dish won’t do any harm but make sure that your cats main meal is high quality cat food not dog chow.

Remember, your pets are family!

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Dogs That are Low Maintenance

Wednesday, January 18, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

cute-beagleIf you have a busy schedule and you are thinking about getting a dog, you may want to choose a breed that likes to lie around, like a couch potato. You may also want to choose a dog that’s low maintenance when it comes to grooming.  For example, a small, short haired dog such as a Chihuahua will not need as much grooming as a long haired Golden Retriever.  Boxers and Beagles are also easier to groom. Their short hair is not prone to mats and you could easily remove ticks if you need to.  Always remember, no matter what breed you choose, your dog will still need lots of attention.  He may not shed as much as a Sheep dog or run as much as a Collie, but he will still need regular walks, exercise and grooming sessions. So when thinking about a dog, don’t forget about that dog leash and frisbee just yet. If your schedule requires that you work long hours or have to travel frequently, consider a cat instead. It’s just not fair for the dog.

Remember, pets are family.

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Facts About Cats

Tuesday, January 17, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

Kittens at playThroughout the course of history, cat behavior has always fascinated people. Cats are independent but also still very social animals.  They combine a hunting instinct with playfulness. They love playing with their cat toys. While dogs belong to their master, cats are very territorial animals.  Cats like to stick to their home. That’s why they really don’t like to travel.  Cats see their home as a “sacred place.”  They mark it by rubbing, scratching and spraying.

They have an excellent memory of smells, sounds and sights.  They can return to their home from great distances. They don’t accept hierarchy from people.  You’re not their master but rather their equal.  Even though they can stay by themselves for a long time, they like company very much.  Cats are less responsive to vocal commands then dogs are but they can be taught to do tricks if rewarded.

Cats make great pets. You just can’t compare them to dogs. They are really very different yet still very loving and affectionate.
Remember, pets are family!
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Animal Protection Agencies and Their Ratings

Monday, January 16, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

ADOPT A PETWe see heartbreaking commercials on television depicting abused and neglected animals.  I can’t even watch some of these because it breaks my heart. Are the agencies associated with these commercials, the best ones to donate to? The American Institute of Philanthropy has put today and list of these agencies along with their rating. Take a look and decide on which agency is best for you .

American Humane Association A–
Animal Welfare Institute A+
Best Friends Animal Society B+
D.E.L.T.A. Rescue A–
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International B+
Farm Sanctuary B+
Friends of Animals A
Humane Farming Association A–
In Defense of Animals B+
Marine Mammal Center A–
Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) A
PetSmart Charities A
Wildlife Conservation Society A

Most are rated well but do your research before deciding which one is the best for you to show your support.
Remember, pets are family!

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Caring for a Geriatric Pet

Saturday, January 14, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

geriatric petsAs our pets get older, they will require more medical care just like we do. Pay attention to your pet as he gets older.  You should take him for a basic physical exam every six months. Check any changes to your pets appetite, thrust, urination and defecation habits. Does your pet vomit or have diarrhea? Is he sleeping more than usual? Is he coughing or does he show sign of exercise intolerance?  Normally, as pets age, they may sleep more but it can also be due to a variety of other things like arthritis, heart disease or even cancer. These conditions can be treated if diagnosed early. This is why it’s important to take your aging pet for regular checkups. As a general rule, take pets that are over the age of eight for a physical exam every six months and blood work once a year. If you notice a symptom such as weakness or vomiting, get your pet in for a checkup right away.

Remember, pets are family!

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