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It’s That Time, Your Dog’s In Heat!

Thursday, April 7, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogheatA female dog comes into heat and is able to get pregnant every six to eight months. Her first heat takes place when she is about six months old and lasts for roughly three weeks. She is generally most fertile around the tenth day. Aside from a small bit of vaginal bleeding and increased urination, the most noticeable symptom of heat may be the attention that male dogs pay your pet. To determine if a female dog is in heat and when she is most fertile, a breeder will generally test the dogs progesterone levels. This hormone peaks when the dog has ovulated. This way it can help a dog owner know when to breed the dog. So don’t do anything differently with your pet, continue to exercise her throw around some dog toys  and take her for long walks on her dog leash but watch out for all she may get from the male dogs!

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Cat Travel Checklist

Thursday, April 7, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

CATROADTRIPSummer’s coming and maybe you’re planning a road trip with your cat. Love That has put together a nice list of tips. Understand that traveling with a cat is a bit different than traveling with your dog.


You’ll need lots of stuff to keep kitty healthy and happy (or at least contented!). Here’s a checklist of must-have items that you’ll not want to leave home without:

Cat carrier. A loose cat in a car is a recipe for disaster – REAL disaster. A loose cat could very well end up under your brake petal, or with a death-grip claw hold on the back of your neck. Choose a carrier that’s purpose-designed for cats, is roomy and well-ventilated, and secure it in your vehicle so that it can’t move. And make sure that it’s not positioned in direct sunlight for long periods.
Food, water and bowls. Be sure to bring along your cat’s regular food, and even the water that your cat is accustomed to drinking. If that’s tap water, bottle some and bring it along.
Cat toys and a cat bed –  bring along some comforts of home. Choose some favorite toys and familiar bedding that the cat already uses.
Litter and accessories. You probably won’t bring your cat’s regular litter box. But DO bring the brand of litter that you use at home, and that’s already familiar to your cat. Also bring along disposable litter trays, OR a small non-disposable litter tray, a scooper, and disposable bags.

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