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Bronchitis Can Be A Problem For Dogs

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogbronchitisChronic Bronchitis usually affects middle aged dogs. It is an acute inflammatory reaction of the interior of the smaller airways. If your dog is coughing more than two months, you must consider that he may have chronic Bronchitis. Usually the cause is unknown but sometimes it’s preceded by kennel cough. The main symptom is a harsh, dry unproductive cough. Coughing is triggered by exercise and excitement. There’s gagging and a foamy saliva that can be seen and sometimes this is confused with vomiting. If you notice these symptoms, take your dog to the vet for a checkup. Prolonging it will make matters worse. The diagnostic work-up for bronchitis is the same as that described in diagnosing a cough.

General treatment measures include eliminating atmospheric pollutants such as dust and cigarette smoke. Minimize stress, fatigue, and excitement. Overweight dogs should be put on a weight-loss diet. Walking on a  dog leash is good exercise, but don’t overdo it. To avoid pressure on the larynx, switch from a dog collar to a chest dog harness or head halter.

Medical management is directed toward reducing bronchial inflammation. Your veterinarian may prescribe a course of corticosteroids for 10 to 14 days. If this is beneficial, the dog may be placed on a maintenance dose given daily or every other day. Bronchodilators such as theophylline or albuterol relax the breathing passages and reduce respiratory fatigue. They are beneficial for dogs with associated wheezing and airway spasms.

Thanks to Web MD for providing much of this information.

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The Unique Norwegian Lundehund

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

NORWEIGENSome of the unusual traits in this dog breed would be considered faults in other breeds. The Norwegian Lundehund has six toes on each foot. This allows them to climb up vertical cliffs in their native Norway. They aren’t your typical lap dog who loves dog treats and soft dog beds! Their neck joints enable them to bend their head backward 180 degrees over their shoulders so that their forehead touches their back.

The Norwegian Lundehund could also close it’s ear canals at will. This protects them against dirt and moisture. Their fore-shoulder joints are extremely flexible and enable their front legs to be stretched straight out to both sides. This makes swimming and maneuvering easier in the crevices of the Norwegian side cliffs. This is where their bird prey exist.

This breed is the most ancient of Nordic dog breeds. It isn’t every day that you see them on a dog leash in your hometown.

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