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A Cat Scratching Dilemma

Thursday, April 28, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catscratchI have a problem that I can’t seem to solve. As you all know, since my older cat Molly has been diagnosed with kidney and thyroid disease, I’ve been spoiling her to death. I’ve been giving her a large variety of cat treats, constantly changing cat food by trying higher quality foods and basically letting her run the house. She is now in the habit of scratching my chairs. I’ve tried several cat repellent products including Boundary which is usually a very effective product. The products are not working as Molly continues to claw the chairs. I don’t have a solution for this yet but will keep you posted. Luckily I’ve been catching Molly in the act most of the time. The dilemma continues!

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tablescrapsBefore we start, you should know what you should NEVER feed to your dog. These items are:

raisins or grapes
Raw meat
sugary foods
spicy foods
lunch meat
These items may not have any external affects on your dog initially, but they really make a mess out of their insides. Their liver is affected and could be damaged. Also, avoid salty foods

Here are some food that’s OK to feed to your dog.

fresh turkey or chicken (without the skin)
Sometimes your vet will even recommend these items in place of traditional dog treats.

You should always feed your dog a high quality dog food. Always limit the amount of table food that you give to your dog. The more table scraps that you give him, the more likely that he will become a picky eater and may no longer want his dog food. I would recommend not giving table scraps at all. You may give him some fruits, veggies or nuts once in awhile in place of his dog treats and you could throw in some dog toys to keep him in good shape.

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