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Are Cats Able to Swim?

Thursday, December 1, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-waterLast weekend, the east coast had several severe rain storms. One calico cat was found on Governors island about a mile out in New York harbor. The cat’s fur was matted with some sea weed intertwined and she was wet. It’s ¬†suspected that this cat got swept out in the bay at the time of the severe thunderstorm and swam to safety on Governor’s Island.

Cats do know how to swim. Some are good swimmers and some, not so good but they have a natural instinct to swim just as dogs do. There was a time when cats loved the water but as time passed, they slowly began not to like being in water.

A cat breed that loves the water and is a very good swimmer is the Turkish Van. Their paws help to move them forward and their tails act as rudders.  They swam to cool themselves off on a hot day in Turkey and originated at Lake Van, hence the name.

Even though some cats don’t mind water, I’m sure they would rather be catching some “z’s” in their nice comfortable cat bed!

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