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Our cat Millie is almost 18 years old and every Christmas we get her a gift. Over the years she’s received all kinds of the stuffed toys, scratching posts, balls and stick toys that you can imagine. We have pile of them in the corner collecting dust. Older cats slow down and sleep a lot. They usually show little interest in toys. So what kind of gift is appropriate for a cat that has everything? This year we will probably get our Millie a comfortable, colorful blanket, some treats that she loves, We may give in and get a toy that is stuffed with some cat nip.

Millie has so many cat beds that she doesn’t even use. She sleeps in the bed in the back bedroom and the chair in the living room. If your cat still enjoys a cat bed, your may consider getting him/her a new one. Remember, you really won’t be able to change a senior cat’s behavior. They are very set in their ways.

So don’t stress on the gifts for your pet. Just enjoy the holidays and remember that the greatest gift is love which you have provided for many years/

Remember, pets are family!

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