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Playing with your cat

Thursday, October 28, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-fishingHow much time should you spend playing with your cat? Well, it depends on the cat. Indoor cats require lots of love and attention and some exercise. My older cat, Mollie will not play at all. The only thing that will get her moving around a bit is some cat nip which I give her every once in awhile. My younger cat, Millie demands to be played with several times per day. She insists! She will drag out her fishing pole cat toy and sit on it and meow until I give in. Most of the time, I’m at work or busy during the day so it’s difficult to find the time to play with her. At night, I make sure that I give her all of the exercise that she needs and she loves it! She has so many cat toys but likes the simplest one of all. After one of her fishing pole string toys broke, I just attached one of those plastic rings that come off of milk or juice containers to the end of her stick. She loves it and prefers this simple homemade toy over all of the others. So make sureĀ  that you pay attention to your indoor cat. Make some time each day to play with her, she will appreciate you for it!!