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Tasty Tricks to Medicate Your Pet

Thursday, September 17, 2009
posted by PetsRule

yourpetscount-petmedication1We are only as valuable as our health is good – a statement that’s true for both people and pets. And just like people, pets need certain medicines too to stay healthy. Heart worm pills and flee collars are just the beginning when it comes to keeping your pet safe form infection and disease. And to keep your pet out of the vet’s office, where the bills are usually high and the tails are tucked, you’ll have to make sure your loved one is receiving the proper care – and that means meds.

One of the oldest known tricks to get your animal to take their pet medication is to hide the pill in a glob of peanut butter. Your cat or dog is certain to lick every bit right up as they down what they believe to be a tasty treat. Or if you have the time and the proper tools – the back of a spoon works great – you can also crush the pill into a powder and mix it in with some yummy applesauce. Whichever method you choose, your pet will lead a happy and healthy life!

dog-taking-a-bathI know someone who takes his dog into the shower with him everyday! His dog smells “like a rose” everyday. He doesn’t have a large dog and he has a large walk in shower. This is not practical for most people.  Dogs have essential oils on their coats. The oils are necessary for your pets health and well being. Did you ever wet a dog and notice that they don’t get very wet? That’s because some dogs have thick oils. You have to wet them again and then use shampoo to get them wet.  Some dogs produce oils faster than others. I would recommend bathing your dog once a month. If your dog has dry skin, use an oatmeal based shampoo.  Use a conditioner as it helps prevent dry, itchy, irritable skin. Some dogs have super dry skin. After a bath, they will scratch and appear very uncomfortable. That’s why using a conditioner is important.  Bathing your dog once a month should be sufficient even though you will notice your dogs odor before that.  Time to break out the pet odor remover!