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Selecting a Cozy Space for Your Cat

Thursday, September 3, 2009
posted by PetsRule


Prissy little balls of fur, cats are creatures of habit. Whatever nook in your home they choose as their stomping grounds, you can bet they’ll try to claim the territory as their own, just like astronauts on the moon. Therefore, it’s better to create a cat-friendly zone in your roost beforehand to draw them in. Fill it with toys, snacks, and a comfy space to lounge, they’ll have checked in to their own world in no time.

Instead of using blankets and pillows, that you might need later, as their source of comfort, choose from one of the many styles of cat beds. Round or square, large or tiny, you’ll find a cozy option that works best for your cat. Your feline will be much happier and well-rested with your new purchase. And having a cat that’s happy will make your life a lot more enjoyable.

dog-in-garbageDoes your dog always go for the dumpster when he sees one? Dogs that eat trash are living dangerously!  Not only are bone parts and other pieces of garbage hazardous to your dog’s digestive system but moist food can become toxic quickly.  Did you know that disgarded food scraps grow fungus in a couple of days? This poses a great risk to your dog. Moldy cheese product like old pizza are exceptionally dangerous because they contain toxins that can give your dog muscle tremors and seizures. Keep you dog on his dog leash and away from the trash while walking him. If he does manage to get into the garbage, watch him very closely. If he has a loss of appetite, shivering or yellow eyes or lips, there’s  a major problem. Make sure that you call your vet immediately.