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December 2022

“He must of gotten out of his dog carrier” No excuse – we don’t believe it! There’s no excuse for abandoning and abusing pets!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

cute-dogcute-cat-2Here’s a story that was taken from today’s Bergen Record. It’s an all too common practice abandoning a dog or a cat along a highway, in a parking lot or in the woods. Would you do it to your child??  I’m convinced that in order to perform such a cruel act, these people were born without a spirit. That has to be it! There’s no other reason. I believe that really cruel, spiritless people exist in this world along with mostly good, honest and kind people.  Now, back to the story. The Bergen Record reported that  Yavuz Atalay of Caldwell left his bulldog and  nine puppies to fend for themselves in Garret Mountain Park. Atalay stated that he wanted to get rid of the dog because it had bitten someone. He pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $5,390 and do five days of community service. This is not enough as far as this author is concerned! Here is the humane thing to do. Take the dog to the animal shelter and explain to the staff that the dog has bitten someone. They will take the dog and try to give it a home.  Dogs, Cats and other pets are not objects to collect and throw out. I am really serious when I say that some people have NO right owning a pet. These are cruel, insensitive people who should be prosecuted for committing such a crime.

According to the Bergen Record, last week Gilligan, a Labrador Retriever was rescued from Arkansas. Gilligan’s neck was slashed nearly 360 degrees during an alleged cult ritual. Gilligan is now ok and living in Ridgewood, New Jersey.  As far as I’m concerned, these offenders should pay the same price as if it was done to a human. I may be extreme but I have zero tollerance for anyone that abuses an animal.

If caught, some people will even go as far as to deny any charges and say that the dog must have gotten out of is dog carrier and jumped out of the car.

I know, in these hard times feeding your pet could become expensive but you have to do it! If cannot afford to feed your pet, some shelters would be happy to give you donated food. One such shelter is Paterson Animal Control in New Jersey.

Law enforcement and judges take animal cruelty seriously. People who abandon or mistreat animals will be prosecuted!

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