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Training a Puppy to Go in His Dog Crate

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

dog2A good way to get started is to confine your puppy to a crate when you can’t supervise him. This not only keeps him out of trouble but it also helps to housebreak him and make him feel safe.  In the wild, dogs create their own sleeping quarters by digging a den. A crate serves the same purpose for domestic dogs.  This is the reason why many dogs love their crates when they’re adults as well.  Make sure that you buy the proper size dog crate pads and do not leave your dog in there longer than overnight. The crate makes a dog feel secure, his crate should be quite small. Small enough to feel like a den.  The crate should be tall enough so that the dog can stand up, turn around and lie down with his spine straight. If you find that your crate is too big for your puppy, you can fill the extra space with a box until he grows.  If you train him to go in his crate while he is still a puppy, you will have no problem as he get older. Just be certain not to keep your dog in the crate all the time. Dogs are social creatures and should get sufficient exercise and be with people as often as possible.

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