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March 2023

The Sensitive, Loving Greyhound

Sunday, October 10, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

greyhound2I’m spending this weekend in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and it’s Greyhound weekend down here! Everyone is around town with their Greyhound friends. I thought that I would give you some facts about this interesting dog. First of all, Greyhound’s  were developed in ancient Egypt and came to Europe during the middle ages. Royalty used them to hunt small game.  More recently, the dog has been used in the dog racing industry. During recent years, a very large rescue organization has been developed to keep these dogs from being euthanized after their racing career has ended.  Greyhounds are the fastest of all dog breeds and can reach speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour. They have very strong legs and muscular thighs.  They also have a lean body and a deep chest. Their coat is short and smooth.

Greyhounds are sensitive, loving and gentle dogs. They make wonderful family pets and get along well with older children and other larger dogs.  This breed prefers peace and quiet. Younger children can be too rough on them.  You don’t have to exercise these breeds for a very long time.  Even though they are very fast, they don’t have too much endurance.  Greyhounds do best with experienced owners and if they are exercised well, they can be left alone during the day. They should have a safe and enclosed area where they could get their daily run.  Always keep them on their dog leash if they are not closed in. They love chasing squirrels.

They require minimal grooming and an occasional brushing with a soft bristled brush should do just fine.

Greyhounds usually live from 10 to 14 years and have few health problems.  If you are considering a Greyhound, it’s a good idea to get a retired racer through the Greyhound Rescue League. Retired racers make excellent pets.

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