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Wireless dog fences

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

wireless-dog-fencesThese fences have lately become very popular with some dog owners because they like to keep their dogs in the yard but like a wide open yard. The wireless dog fence comes with a receiver that is worn on the dog with a collar. It comes with a transmitter that is put in the ground. There is also underground wiring that comes with the fence. If your dog crosses over the wiring , the receiver on the dog’s collar will get a signal from the transmitter and the dog will get a very mild shock.  Some devices give the dog an audio signal when he gets to close to the underground wire. If he ignores the audio signal, then he gets a shock.

The shock is supposed to be a deterrent and the dog will not get hurt from it. The wireless dog fence should be used in addition with good training and patience from you. If you can’t spend the time to train your dog, then forget about the wireless fence and get a real fence!

If you are thinking of getting a wireless dog fence, you must do your research first. Find out how they work and what’s required for installation.  The Humane Society approves these fences as safe and humane.  They are not used as punishment for your dog but as a method to keep your dog in the yard and safe.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend leaving your dog unattended. Never leave him alone in the yard and go out. If you don’t have the time to train him, I would recommend a dog pen or a regular yard fence.

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