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September 2021

Are dogs more intelligent than cats?

Sunday, July 18, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-and-cat-3This is a tough one. If you are a cat lover, I’m sure that you would say that cats are more intelligent. If you’re a dog lover, then of course your dog is much more intelligent. Actually this is difficult to answer because both species are much different. For starters, cats are loners and they do their hunting on their own. Dogs always hunt in packs.  Cats paws are much more dexterous than a dogs. This is because they have to be nimble enough to catch their prey such as mice.  Dogs can hunt down larger prey if they hunt in a pack.

Kittens and puppies grow at basically the same rate but cats do toilet train their kittens. Dogs on the other hand don’t.  If you looking for loyalty and an animal that is easily trained, then dogs win hands down. Dogs are life long companions but being a cat lover myself, I truly believe that cats are also companions. My older cat Millie is with me all the time when I’m home. She waits for me, sits with me and can tell if there  is something that is bothering me or if I’m in a bad mood.

So don’t worry about intelligence, pamper your pets with lots of love, dog and cat treats and loyalty.

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