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December 2023

High Quality Food Leads to Better Disgestion

Saturday, September 21, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Your pets ability to digest pet food properly is a measure of how efficiently the nutrients in a given product are absorbed and used in your pets system. The ability for a pet to digest their food properly is the highest when a product contains high quality ingredients. That’s why we mentioned to always read the label carefully.  The product’s formulas must be carefully targeted to a particular type of pet. For instance, my older cat, Molly is a bit overweight so I make sure that I feed her mostly cat dry cat food especially made for indoor cats.  According to Veterinarian Steven Cohn, most quality diets are at least 85%  digestible or even higher. In cases where a special diet is used to manage a disease such as diabetes or to help a dog loose weight,  a well formulated dog food will contain added fiber. This may actually reduce the foods overall digestibility.  Even if this is the case, this product is still high in quality. We also mentioned in a previous posting that cat or dog treats should not be used as a substitute for their actual meal. The contents in these treats can contain lots of fat and the ingredients may not be of the highest quality.

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