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My Little Companion- A Kind, Peaceful and Loving Spirit

Friday, September 20, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

This is Atlantis, sitting with me this morning as I begin my morning work. Most mornings I work on writing this blog or adding a new blog to my website: Edgewater Gold I also advertise for my internet radio station. I relax in my favorite chair have a cup of coffee and start my morning work routine. I now have a new helper. Atlantis my Siamese/Himalayan cat keeps me company every day. He loves sitting with me watching every letter that I type and once in awhile gives a little “meow” signaling¬† that he wants a little petting. He has a very calming affect and helps creates peace and harmony in our home.

Cats are special creatures, unlike dogs they aren’t in your face. The are subtle, independent friends that I believe enhance the quality of our lives. Even though our other cat, Millie has a very different personality, she has her little routine, bonding with me everyday as I brush her. She loves to be pet but on her terms. She’ll come out and sit in the middle of the hall, which means that she wants one of us to get up and go back to “her room” and pet her.

We love our feline friends, they are kind, peaceful and loving little spirits.

Remember, your pets count!

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