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December 2023

Five Signs Your Dog May Have Come From an Abusive Home

Saturday, May 11, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Unfortunately our pets have to be rescued from an abusive home and placed in a shelter. If you adopt a new best friend, how to you know that they didn’t come from an abusive home? Here are five signs to look for.

  1. Physical signs- If your dog was too skinny or had some wounds that were healing, that’s a good indication that your new pet came from an abusive environment. There are more subtle signs to look for. Nails that are longer than they should be, fur that seems dull and not very healthy, walking with an unusual gait, and having places on their body that they don’t like to be touched are all signs that they may have been abused.
  2. Food Aggression-Does your dog scarf down their food in the blink of an eye? Does he growl when another pet or person goes near him while he’s eating? This could indicate former abuse and neglect.
  3. Being Extra Clingy – Does your dog follow you around even when you have to go to the bathroom? Does he whine, howl or defecate in the house as soon as you leave.? This could indicate that he was re-homed several times and has separation anxiety.
  4. Submission- While some dogs are naturally more submissive than others, an overly submissive dog may be displaying signs of abuse. Some signs of extreme submission include rolling over with tail tucked when approached, cowering, “smiling,” and lying down or cowering while urinating.
  5. Fear of Aggression –

Many dogs will have one or two fears and may become aggressive in certain circumstances. Dogs that were abused tend to be afraid of everything and may be unpredictably aggressive. These dogs may need medication on top of work with a dog trainer to become more comfortable in the world.

Keep in mind that some dogs are just naturally more timid than others, so if you’ve been the only owner of your dog since they were a puppy, that doesn’t mean you’ve somehow neglected them if they display any of these signs.

Keep these signs in mind and talk to a professional about how to address these issues.

Thanks to i-heart for providing valuable information.

Remember, your pets count!

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