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December 2023

How Long Do You Feed Your Puppy Puppy Food?

Sunday, May 12, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Regular dog food does not provide the high level of nutrients that puppy food does. This is the reason why we feed our puppies puppy chow and puppy foods. Puppies have special nutrient needs.  Your puppy should receive puppy food for the first year. If you own a large breed, then I would keep him on puppy food for 18 months.  Most dog food manufacturers offer a special formula for puppies that is higher in protein.  This food also has the necessary fats, vitamins and minerals to meet your puppy’s growing needs.

Feed your puppy three times a day if he is six months or younger. After six months, feed him twice a day. Don’t leave the food out. Feed him at specific times and make sure you are there during the feedings. You want to make sure that he stays on a certain schedule.

It a good idea to have your puppy relax for about one hour after his feedings.  This will help him digest his food. Then take him out for a walk.

Provide dog treats for good behavior but don’t over do it or your dog will expect them all the time.

Remember, your pets count!

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