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December 2023

Dog Leash Phobia

Monday, August 7, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

dogleashpullYou have a dog who is friendly all of the time. You clip his dog leash on and he suddenly becomes a monster! There are lots of explanations for this kind of behavior but it could be a sign of frustration. Your dog is used to expressing himself by the freedom that he is given. When on a leash, his movement is limited and he no longer has the freedom that he enjoys so he gets frustrated. Proper socialization as a puppy is a key to preventing leash aggression. Don’t worry, even learned behavior can be changed. Pulling on the leash and speaking to your dog will only re-enforce the unwanted behavior. You have to teach alternative behavior and utilize the help of a professional. A professional will give you the proper training tips on how to improve his behavior. If the pulling is really bad, you should consider a harness or a halter. This is much better for you and your dog. Pulling on a leash hurts your dogs neck and can cause serious problems down the road. A halter will give you more control and your dog will not pull as much. A collar chokes the dog and causes him to pull more. A harness will make things much easier for you. Good luck, this could be a tough one if your dog wasn’t trained as a puppy on how to behave when his leash is on.

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