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October 2023

What To Do If Your Dog Goes Missing

Tuesday, August 8, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

lostdogIf a beloved dog is missing we’re left with a dreaded, sinking feeling.Our brain gets so tangled up with emotion and confusion that we can’t think clearly. These first few moments are critical to finding your best friend. Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Form a plan – Take a moment and get whoever is available to begin searching for your dog.
  2. Contact your local animal shelters, animal control and nearby vets. Make sure to have an accurate description and recent photo of your dog. Look for veterinarians within a few miles of your zip code, SPCA, Humane Society, animal shelters, and Animal Control.
  3. Walk the neighborhood. Search high and low in your neighborhood. Bring a flashlight and a whistle. Ask everyone if they have seen your pet. Show them a recent photo. When you’re out searching, make sure someone stays home should your pup return.
  4. Report your lost dog –Post a Lost Dog alert in the BarkHappy Lost & Found section. This is a free service to help users report lost and found dogs. You can upload a photo of your dog, a description, where the dog was last seen on the map, and your contact information. It’s like an amber alert for dog owners, and will send a notification to users in the you’re your dog was last seen.
  5. Post fliers. Include a current photo and thorough description- breed, name, weight, sex, color and distinct markings. Leave out one defining characteristic so you can ask the person who finds your pet to describe it (especially if you are offering a reward). Also list your contact information. Make sure the text on the flier is large enough to read from a distance.
  6. Post on Facebook and get help from your friends and family. Ask people in your community to share your post. Lots of cities also have Lost and Found pets pages and neighborhood group pages that can help.
    Don’t give up! Pets can find their way home long after going missing. Keep on searching! Make sure your dog has a collar with an ID tag that contains your current phone number. Also talk to your vet about microchipping.

Thanks to Bark Happy for providing this valuable information!

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