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December 2023

Choosing the best cat litter and accessories. There are lots of littermaid products to choose from.

Sunday, February 28, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-litter-boxCat litter works to reduce odor causing bacteria from urine and feces. It really doesn’t matter if you choose unscented or scented kitty litter. My cats don’t mind which kind that I choose, as long as I don’t buy litter that looks like crystals. It must be clay based or my cats will not go near it. My cats may be different than yours or are just more fussy.  You can also choose clumping or non clumping litter. Clumping litter sticks together where the cat urinates.  This makes it easier to scoop the clumped litter from the box everyday. You also do not need to change the litter box as frequently. Just add more litter as your need it. Scooping out the clumps will reduce the amount of litter in the box and reduce the amount of odor. You can go longer without changing it. Non-clumping litter should be scooped everyday and the entire box should be changed once a week. More frequently if you have multiple cats in the house.

When filling the box, make sure that the litter is at least two inches deep in the box. This will make your cleanup easier and give your cat enough litter to bury the waste.  You may want to use plastic litter liners, they can make cleanup easier. That’s if your cats are not like mine. My cats shred up the plastic liner actually making cleanup more difficult. So I got rid of the liner altogether.

There are many kinds of products from littermaid and other manufacturers. You can purchase a self cleaning litter box, a covered box etc. Whatever you choose, make sure that the litter box is kept clean and changed regularly.

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