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Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

Monday, July 20, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Much of the country is experiencing an excessive heat warning. This morning when I woke up, and the temperature was already 82 degrees with the dew point at 79. The high is expected to reach the mid to upper 90’s. This is oppressive heat and pet owners should take heed to the fact that their pets could be in big trouble if they don’t stay hydrated. Luckily we have two cats who are always indoors so we don’t have an issue but for those who own dogs, I wouldn’t recommend much time outdoors at all today. Take a break from exercise and only take your dog out for a brief walks. It’s always a good idea to take along some water with you. Our canine friends can get dehydrated very fast. I would not recommend taking your dog in the car today. If you park for even a few moments, your car will become like a furnace!  If you must take your dog in the car, make the ride brief, take along plenty of water and do not for any reason leave him in the car unattended. Not even for a minute! Use common sense!!  Water is key and have it available to your best friend at all times!

Remember, your pets count!

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Reducing Cat Anxiety

Sunday, July 19, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

I’m sure you’ve heard your cat hiss and have seen him puff up his tail.  This means that he feels threatened. If you watch closely, when your cat gets startled, the pupils of his eyes will quickly become smaller.  Your cat may show several different signs that he is frightened. He may also run, hide, growl and arch his back. To help reduce your cat’s anxiety, it is much better to slowly introduce anything that is new or different such as new cat toy, object, person and even another animal. Slowly, over time he will become used to the new addition to his environment. If your cat runs off and hides because he his frightened, don’t run after him and try to pull him out from under the sofa or bed. You’ll just make things worse.  Be patient and let him come out when he is ready. One of my cats runs and hides when one of my friends comes over. My friend does not like cats and one time startled her. Since that time, she’s in her cozy little hiding place when my friend is over.

One important thing to remember with cats is that you should keep their routine as consistent as possible.  This includes feeding, playing and cuddling.

Remember, your pets count!

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Well my friends, it happened again. During the years I’ve been stressing how important it is to make sure you NEVER leave your dog in a hot car. Yesterday, I had to stop at the Fresh Market here in Rehoboth Beach. Someone with two dogs in their car parked in the sun in 90 degree weather and left her car. The windows were down but even so, how insane can she be?? She was even too lazy to find a shady spot and there were many. She ran in the store so fast that I couldn’t locate her but I did report the incident to store management. Lately I’ve been really losing faith in humankind. The reckless behavior I’m seeing lately is really making me sick. Between refusing to wear masks to animal abuse, I’m beginning to think we are entering a pre apocalyptic era. There are so many people who have lost their sense of self and humanity!

Here are things you can do to protect your dog from this oppressive heat.

1. Keep a water bowl near your dog and filled at all times.

2. Give your dog somewhere to get wet like a wading pool.

3. Bring water along on walks.

4. Keep your dog indoors as much as possible. Make sure you house in air conditioned.

5. Provide plenty of shade for your dog.

6. Give your dog a cooling pad. There are many different pad you can buy that are designed to keep dogs cool. Most of them   are filled with a gel that draws the heat out from your dog’s body.

  • You can also just lay a damp towel on the kitchen floor. If your dog will lay on the towel, this will help it cool down.

7. Avoid Midday walks.

8. Have a groomer clip your dogs fur.

9. NEVER leave your dog in a parked car.

10. Check on your dog often. On very warm days, watch your dog’s condition closely. If anything seems odd, such as your dog panting excessively, contact your vet.

  • If your dog begins to show any signs of being too hot, get it well away from the sun, get it water, and cool it down.
  • If you believe your dog has heatstroke, see How to treat heatstroke in dogs for more information.

It’s really not that difficult, follow these simple steps and keep your dog safe and healthy during these very hot Summer months.

Remember, your pets count!

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Children and Small Dogs

Friday, July 17, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

You may think that the perfect dog for children is a small cute one right? Not necessarily. Contrary to popular belief, tiny dogs usually do not like to be held or cuddled . Dr. Alice Finelly, an Animal Behaviorist at Tufts University says that you need to look for a dog that not only has a solid temperament and is relaxed but is physically sturdy and will be able to withstand interacting with children. If you still want to choose a small dog, Dr. Finelly says that Pugs, Boston or Norfolk Terriers may be the best choices. So if you have a small child and are thinking of adopting a dog, start thinking of a larger dog and of course when you’re shopping for dog beds, choose a larger one.

Remember, your pets count!

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Brushing Vs. Bathing

Thursday, July 16, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Dogs are like kids, most of them don’t like to take baths but even short haired dogs need proper grooming and a bath occasionally.  Bathing too often can take away the natural oils that keep a dogs skin smooth and healthy.  How much washing is too much depends on the humidity and the type of shampoo used. A general rule of thumb is that a good brushing is usually enough to keep your dog freshened up.  In addition to removing dirt, a regular brushing will remove hair and make your dog more comfortable.  Bathing is appropriate when a dog has body odor especially if he’s rolled in something that he shouldn’t have.  A good rule to remember is that a dirty dog needs a brush and a smelly dog needs a bath. After his bath, give him some dog treats to keep him happy!

Remember , your pets count!

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A diagnosis that cat owners dread hearing is kidney disease. Unfortunately our feline friends are prone to this condition as they age and there is really no cure for renal failure. So at what age does kidney disease start?

In the average cat, kidney disease starts somewhere between age 6-9 years. It then slowly progresses over the next 8-10 years, with death from kidney failure usually occurring at around age 16-18. There is a lot of variation to this, however. Some cats have elevated kidney blood tests as early as age 3 or 4.  Most cat’s don’t exhibit symptoms when the disease is in it’s early stages. My best advice is to keep up with your cat’s regular examinations and have blood work done at least once a year.

As we discussed in previous blogs, there are many steps you can take to prolong your cat’s life and enable your furry companion to live a higher quality of life. This includes a possible diet change. I highly recommend adding Astro’s Oil to your cats daily regimen. These are high quality products that help  keep kidneys operating more efficiently.  Astro’s Oil will not cure kidney disease because there is no cure but from experience, the products definitely improve your cat’s quality of life and can extend life. I now have my cat Atlantis on Astro’s oil and although he is up there in age and has beginning stage kidney disease, he is a normal, happy cat!

My recommendation is to  continue  recommended treatment plan with the addition of  Astro’s oil.


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Is Your Cat an Instigator?

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Is your cat  bothering your bird or other pets in the house?  Maybe you have a hamster or a small dog. The reason that your cat is bothering them is because it’s her instinct to do so.  Now,  teaching a cat to overcome these instincts can be  a bit difficult. Start by setting some other rules to help her.  Teach your cat to stay out of the room where your bird or hamster lives. You have to modify the environment to keep pets apart. For example, if you have a small dog, keep a baby gate up to keep them apart.  Don’t place the conflicting pets food, water or beds near each other.  If you do see your cat bothering another pet, spritz her face with cool water from a spray bottle.The sensation may be unpleasant enough for your cat to stop this behavior.   Do not reward her with cat treats right after you’ve spritzed her with water. She will get confused and think that by bothering the other pets, she’ll get more treats!  You may want to ask another cat owner or your veterinarian for more tips.

Remember, your pets count!

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Glaucoma Affects our Canine Friends Too!

Sunday, July 12, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Glaucoma is  disease that many dog owners notice when it’s too late.  This condition is caused by a build up of fluid in the eye and is one of the main causes of canine blindness. Glaucoma strikes about one in every 200 dogs. Some breeds are more susceptible to it than others.  High risk breeds include ,cocker spaniels ,terriers,  bassett hounds and beagles.  Symptoms of glaucoma are hard to spot but early diagnosis is critical in preventing blindness. Some signs of the disease include glassiness, cloudiness or redness in a dog’s eye.  Other symptoms include teary eyes, sensitivity to light or a dilated pupil. If you notice any of these problems in your dog, have him checked out by a veterinarian.

Remember, your pets count!

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Many people go on vacation and leave an automatic cat feeder and device that automatically provides water while their gone. The feeder dispenses dry food into a bowl periodically. I hate this idea for lots of reasons. First of all, the feeder could malfunction leaving your kitty without food. The water device could also malfunction leaving your precious furry friend dehydrated. Cats also like fresh food as well as wet food and there is no device that could dispense wet food periodically. Also your kitty litter will smell, and may become unsanitary from lack of cleaning. All in all this is a very bad idea. I would only recommend this as a last resort and only if your going to be gone a day or two.

When planning your trip, develop a plan to include care for your cat.  Ask a close friend or family member if they would be willing to feed and care for your cat while you’re gone. You can also look into boarding your cat at a reputable pet hotel. All this requires planning. The best option is to have your cats stay at home and have a reliable pet sitter stay there. If that’s not possible, then have them come by each day to feed your cat, scoop the litter and make sure they have fresh water to drink.

Sometimes I feel that many people don’t spend enough time planning for their pet when planning a vacation.

Remember, your pets count!

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Teaching Your Best Friend to Swim

Friday, July 10, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Before you start teaching your pup to swim, you have to slowly get him used to the water. Never push or rush him. You should give the pup a reason to want to swim. That could be to retrieve, to follow you or to chase other dogs. Allow him to choose to swim. Once he begins to swim on his own, give him lots of practice.

To first introduce your dog to the water, start by having him follow you. Take small steps in water that he can stand in.  If your dog likes to retreive, throw some floating toys in the ater but make sure that he can still stand up in the water on his own. Gradually throw the toy further out. At some point, he will have to swim to get it. Another method is to take a friend with you and carry the pup out into the water. Stand facing each other close at first, then put the pup in the water an have the other person call him. Keep doing this and as he gains his confidence, step further and further back. Before you know it, your pup will be swimming on his own and loving it. Remember, practice, practice practice!

Remember, your pets count!

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