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Each night at about 5pm my cats come in the kitchen and wait for their treats. Cat crave treats! What’s the difference between treats and dry cat food? ¬†Cats do enjoy their wet and dry food but if you want to really entice your cats appetite, give them some cat treats every now and then. My cats are spoiled and get treats everyday. I usually give them too many because they keep asking for them all night. Don’t fall into this trap.¬† Treats could be like giving your cat dessert. It should be given sparingly. Generally cat food is higher in protein than treats. This should make up the bulk of your pets diet. Treats should also be nutritional, so make sure that you read the labels on all treats. Adding treats to your cats routine can make, training your cat more successful, add to your cats pleasure and even create a tighter bond between you and your cat. Remember, your pets count.

Remember, your pet count!

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