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Getting A Second Dog – Some Myths and Truths

Thursday, January 4, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Are you thinking of getting a second dog? There are several important considerations that you’re ┬áprobably aware of, but size is rarely one of them. A large breed dog and a small breed dog can happily live together as long as your larger dog is not too rough when he plays. More important than size is the sex of the two pets. If you have a male dog, look for a female as a second dog and vice versa. Two females sometimes don’t get along well and two males may get into it over pack position. Opposite sex dogs are most likely to get along well. ┬áThe most important thing to remember is that your first dog is very well socialized and well behaved before you introduce a second dog into your household. If he’s anxious, or barks a lot, he could easily teach your second dog the same bad habits.

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