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Mastiff Surprise in Mississippi

Friday, August 15, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

KIMBERS PUPPIESMastiffs are one of the largest dog breeds. In Holly springs, Mississippi, Kimber a three year old Mastiff gave birth to a whopping 18 puppies!  The family’s vet told them that Kimber couldn’t have puppies but she sure surprised everyone. Kimber is a three-year-old English Mastiff and weighs 150 pounds.  Dr. Allen, the family’s vet said that Kimber’s belly was so big that she couldn’t fit on the X Ray machine. Initially, he only saw 11 puppies, the others weren’t visible.  Last Thursday, Kimber didn’t feel well, so the family took her to the vet, for a not so good surprise. The vet told the family that it was an emergency and he had to take her back right then to save Kimber and he puppies. Dr. Allen had to perform an emergency c-section and delivered devastating news: Kimber and the pups might not make it. Well everything went extremely well and Kimber and all of her puppies are alive and doing well. Members of the family take turns bottle feeding the pups because Kimber is still recovering from her c Section. A happy ending for a stressful event.

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