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DOG OUTSIDE DRINKINGIt’s a hot summer day and your are walking your dog. You pass a merchant who put out a water bowl for dogs to drink from on these hot summer days. Should you let your dog have a drink? Could he catch something from the other dogs who were drinking there? Sometimes a dog would like to take a cool drink from a lake or pond, is this safe? In most cases, drinking water from these sources will not harm your dog, but from time to time a dog can become ill if the waters contain certain types of organisms or hazardous chemicals. Personally, I wouldn’t let my dog drink from these sources.  It is not always possible to completely stop an animal from drinking out of a lake or river, or even a bowl of water left outside by a business owner, but in this case the less they drink the better.

You should always provide plenty of water for your dog. Even if you take him outside for a longer than usual walk, you can bring small container of water with some ice cubes in it.

Remember, your pets count!


Man’s Best Friend Take it or Leave it

Sunday, July 14, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

DOG FISHINGWe are very dedicated to our pets and our pets in return provide us with unconditional love and dedication. Unfortunately, some people are afraid of cats and dogs and some just plain don’t like them. This is something that I really will never understand but we must respect the feelings and opinions of others.

Yesterday, I took a friend and went on a dolphin and whale watching tour on the Delaware Bay. There was a half day fishing boat that was preparing to depart. The owner and captain of the ship was busy gathering up the passengers for the trip. The captain always takes his dog, a beautiful Lab along with him. When one passenger, saw the dog, she rudely asked the captain if he was taking the dog. The captain replied that his dog always accompanies him on his fishing trips. The women replied “I paid a lot of money for this trip and I don’t want that dog coming along. I don’t like dogs and I’m afraid of them.” The captain said to the women that the dog will never bother anyone and that he loves to be with people. He also told the women that he would try to keep the dog upstairs in the cabin but he wasn’t making any guarantees that the dog would stay. The women continued to complain. Then the captain said, if the dog does’nt go on the trip, then he won’t go and there’s no trip. ( You could see by the faces of the other passengers, that they wanted to smack this women and so did I!)  The women finally did go on the trip but that Lab wasn’t going to stay in the cabin. So what was the outcome? Who knows? I went on a different trip. Maybe the women jumped overboard!

I’m assuming that almost all of my readers are animal lovers but I guess  we must try to understand that there are a lot of people who do not like animals. That’s a shame, they’re really missing a lot out of life!

Remember, your pets count!


AGING DOGOlder dogs have special nutritional needs and some of those needs can be given in the form of vitamin supplements. Check with your vet for some recommendations for higher level of vitamins that your dog may need.

A large percentage of older dogs suffer from arthritis. There is a daily supplement that contains glucosamine that helps dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other bone or joint problems. Make sure that your dog is eating a balanced diet. If he isn’t then vitamin supplement may be required. Again, check with your veterinarian to get the best advice and don’t try to be your dogs doctor.

Remember, your pets count!

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Give the Dog a Bone?

Thursday, July 11, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

DOG BIG BONEThe issue of feeding dogs a bone is a controversial one. The evidence suggests that chewing on a bone can be good and bad for your dog. We heard that feeding chicken bones to your dog can be dangerous but the fact is that most bones can be dangerous to your dog.   Cooked bones may splinter and damage the stomach and intestines. Raw bones do not normally splinter. Many pets enjoy chewing raw chicken or turkey necks and raw chicken wings that are free of salmonella and other bacteria. Raw beef knuckle bones are also delicious treats. Work with your holistic veterinarian to do what is best for your individual pet.

Here are some tips for making bones a safer treat for your dog.

  • Let your dog have a bone for 20 minutes a day, then rinse the bone, put it in the refrigerator and give it to him the next day. Soak the bone in vinegar to kill off any bacteria.
  • Begin offering bones to puppies, they chew and not gulp. Older dogs get very excited when offered a bone for the first time. They may gulp it down and choke on it.
  • Watch your dog as he’s chewing on the bone. Remove it when it gets too small as your dog may swallow it.
  • Don’t get bitten while removing a bone. Have a harness and leash around your dog, ask your pet to come, offer an overwhelmingly great treat, and lead them away from the bone. For many dogs, it’s safer to lead your pet away than to reach down and take a bone.

(Some of this info was obtained from the Pet Meds website.)

Remember, your pets count!

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Hate to Clean You Kitty Litter?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT LITTERA lot of people are animal lovers, but they just don’t feel they have the time to be a responsible pet owner. Seriously thinking about how much time you have to dedicate to pet ownership is an important step that every potential pet owner must consider before purchasing an animal. But don’t dismiss the opportunity to be a proud pet owner simply because you are hesitant to complete some unpleasant tasks such as litter box cleanup.

If this is the only thing standing between you and cat ownership, don’t forget that you can purchase a self cleaning litter box. Minimizing the amount of time you have to spend with this unpleasant task, hopefully these devices can convince a few more people to make the commitment to a new family pet. Also, don’t forget that the Humane Society or any other kind of animal shelter is a great place to find your next pet. Not only will you get your pick of adorable kittens, but you’ll also be helping save an animal that needs a loving home.

Remember, your pets count!


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Is Your Cat Pregnant?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT KITTENSThe gestation period for a cat is from 58 to 65 days or nine weeks. You won’t notice any physical changes in your cat during the first half of this period.  Most cats have an average of two to five kittens. There are some signs to look for in order to tell if your cat may be pregnant.

  • Enlarged nipples
  • Weight gain
  • Increased appetite
  • Nesting behavior
  • Increased affection

Some cats may exhibit morning sickness. If you suspect that your cat may be pregnant, take her to the vet for a prenatal checkup. Make sure her diet is high in nutrients. Approximately three weeks before she is due, add a premium kitten food to her diet. Increase the amount of kitten food each week so the last week of pregnancy, she should be entirely on the kitten food. Continue on the kitten food until the kittens have been weaned.

A week or two before the kittens are to be born, you can prepare a delivery box for the birth of the kittens. You can use an old laundry basket lined with towels, or you can make one out of a cardboard box.  Keep a close eye on her and when she does give birth, make sure that there are no problems.

Remember, your pets count!

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CUTE DOG EATINGWhile strolling down the pet food aisle of  your local supermarket, you are faced with so many different kinds of food to select from but is the food you are selecting safe for you pet? There are some simple things that you will want to look for. First, always read the ingredient labels. Make sure there are no wheat or wheat gluten products in your pet food, and monitor your pet’s behavior to be sure your pet is well. Avoid these ingredients:

  • Wheat or wheat gluten
  • BHT
  • Ethoxyquine
  • BHA
  • Propylene glycol

When picking a pet food, look for the stamp by the AAFCO . Check the expiration date and make sure that you get the contact information. It’s always a good idea to also check with your vet to make sure that your pet is getting the proper nutrition.

Remember, your pet count!


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The Bonds Between Humans and Pets

Saturday, July 6, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

UNSAIDI’m relaxing at my summer home in Delaware along with my two pet cats. Right now I’m writing this from my screened in porch and my older cat Mollie is right next to me on a wicker love seat enjoying the quiet and peace. I take my cats with me while on vacation because they are a special part of my own family. Humans establish close bonds with our pets.

I always enjoy reading a good book while away and I’ve chosen “Unsaid” by Neil Abramson.  It’s a wonderful book that captures the deep bonds between people and the animals in their lives. It really makes you think about our relationships with our pets. The book explores mortality and the power of love. If you love your pets, I recommend this book to you. I won’t go any further with the story but it is one that will move you!

At my community here in Delaware, there are so many dogs and it’s clear to see how important our pets are in our lives. I hope you include your pet as much as you can while on vacation this summer!

Remember, your pets count!


Keep Your Pets Safe on This Fourth of July

Thursday, July 4, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

DOG FIREWORKSIt’s the time of year for fireworks and loud noises. It’s important that we stay safe and this includes our pets. Keep dogs and cats away from firecrackers or flames from the  backyard barbeque. If your pet gets too close, they may get burned,  injured or even killed from any explosives and/or flames. The safest thing is to keep your pet indoors. The loud noise from firework displays can really stress some pets out. If possible, keep them in a room where the least amount of noise can be heard. It’s a good idea if someone stays with them. Having a familiar face in the house may calm them down. The stress factor varies from dog to dog.  Some dogs may handle the noise well while some can really get anxious and even sick from unfamiliar, loud sounds.  Most cats do not like loud noises. Use good judgement and have a safe and happy forth!

Remember, your pets count!


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Brushing Your Cat

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

BRUSHED CATIt’s important that you keep your cat well groomed and that includes brushing her regularly. Here are some tips to properly brushing your cat. This information was obtained from the Hartz Website.

  1. Try to brush your cat when he is relaxed – perhaps ready to fall asleep.  Begin by gently stroking your cat. Once you notice that he seems relaxed start brushing with long, slow, gentle strokes.
  2. The best way to remove dead hair is to first brush against the direction of the hair growth, and then go with the direction of growth.
  3. Clean the excess hair from the brush often to avoid creating more knots or clumps.
  4. After brushing, wipe your cat’s fur with a soft chamois.  This cloth will remove dead hair and add sheen to the coat. (If you have a close-coated cat, like a Burmese or Siamese, then this is all that you will need to do.)
  5. If you have a multiple-cat household, be sure to clean the combs and brushes after use on each animal. If one of your cats is battling any sort of skin disorder, sharing a brush that hasn’t been cleaned is a perfect way to spread the itch along.

Remember, your pets count!

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