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Brushing Your Cat

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

BRUSHED CATIt’s important that you keep your cat well groomed and that includes brushing her regularly. Here are some tips to properly brushing your cat. This information was obtained from the Hartz Website.

  1. Try to brush your cat when he is relaxed – perhaps ready to fall asleep.  Begin by gently stroking your cat. Once you notice that he seems relaxed start brushing with long, slow, gentle strokes.
  2. The best way to remove dead hair is to first brush against the direction of the hair growth, and then go with the direction of growth.
  3. Clean the excess hair from the brush often to avoid creating more knots or clumps.
  4. After brushing, wipe your cat’s fur with a soft chamois.  This cloth will remove dead hair and add sheen to the coat. (If you have a close-coated cat, like a Burmese or Siamese, then this is all that you will need to do.)
  5. If you have a multiple-cat household, be sure to clean the combs and brushes after use on each animal. If one of your cats is battling any sort of skin disorder, sharing a brush that hasn’t been cleaned is a perfect way to spread the itch along.

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