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dog-happy-new-yearMany of you are probably either going to a New Years Eve party or having one yourself. If this is the case, here are some tips from keeping your guests and your dog safe.  Keep your dog away from food and party treats. Rich, fatty foods like gravy or grease can cause stomach problems and even Pancreatitis  for your pet. Dogs with this condition require hospitalization for treatment. As we mentioned many times before, chocolate is toxic to both dogs and cats. Keep it away and make sure that your guests know not to feed your dog anything.  Uncooked meat can cause a very serious bacterial infection. Tobacco could be toxic to your dog and bones can cause problems if swallowed. Some  artificial sweeteners that are present in some gums, breath mints, candy, and other human food can be very toxic to dogs.

Some pets love visitors and behave very well around strangers but if those party guests have a little too much to drink and get a little rowdy, your dog may behave differently. He may become aggressive and try to bite or attack your guests.  Some dogs will try to run out of the house and into harms way when the door is open. Keep your dog away from the door where your guests are arriving. It’s a good idea to keep your dog in a quiet room with plenty of  food , water and dog toys to keep him occupied during the party.

Be safe this holiday season and keep a close eye on your family pet during a party or celebration. Remember, this is a situation that your dog or cat is not used to, so be prepared for all sorts of reactions. Have a great New Years Eve party — HAPPY NEW YEAR!happy-2011