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very-cute-catI am telling you, this season is a bad one for colds for me. I work with children and constantly catch their colds. In fact, I have another one right now. I have two cats and always wondered if they could catch my cold. They haven’t yet but with the amount of them that I’ve been getting this season, anything is possible. The facts are that a cold is an upper respiratory infection and cats can get a respiratory tract infection. Common signs are running eyes, nasal discharge, some wheezing and sneezing.  This condition is commonly caused by a virus. The good news is that you cannot get a cold from your cat and vice versa.  It is common for a cat to catch a cold if it is an outdoor cat or lives in a multi- cat environment.

Because the condition is generally caused by a virus, pet medication such as antibiotics are not effective. It just takes time for your cat the clear the infection.  Sometimes a vet will prescribe an antibiotic to prevent or treat secondary infections.