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cat-heterochromiaPets with one blue eye and one brown eye is called complete heterochromia. It’s the way the pigment melanin is distributed in an animals’ skin and hair. A dog or cat that has complete heterochromia has a white area of skin and hair around it’s eye where there’s little or no melanin. The result is one blue eye.  Plenty of melanin is concentrated in the other eye which is a different color.  The reason for this is unclear. Complete heterochromia is seen quite often in cats, horses and other animals. Partial heterochromia where the iris of the eye is two different colors is much more unusual.  Why this occurs is not clearly understood. It is believed to be inherited in most cases.

If your dog has this condition, you may want to buy him dog sweater that matches the colors of his eyes. Now that’s a fashionable dog!

Information obtained from Animal Instincts.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009
posted by PetsRule


There aren’t many dog supplies more important for any dog owner than a retractable dog leash. No matter the size, age or energy level of the dog, a retractable leash will guide your canine companion on any excursion you undertake together.  Dog leashes are mandatory almost everywhere you will go.  Unlike a heavier metal lead, the retractable dog leashes are lightweight and much more comfortable for most dogs, allowing them more space to move about freely.   (Note: agitated or harder-to-control dogs may not do well with this type of leash, as their constant pulling could hurt his neck and tire him out, and not in a good way.)   The handles are also made with a soft grip to allow everyday ease of use and prevent potential injury for the dog walker.

A retractable dog leash will also inhibit inappropriate urination, defecation, digging, damaging the property of others, and being aggressive with other dogs or people.  It will also keep them out of traffic and keep them from getting lost.