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Pet Medication

Monday, June 8, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

dogIf your pet is sick and you have to administer pet  medication, you must remember a few simple rules. Some dogs and cats take their medicine with ease while others need lots of coaxing.

Make sure that you follow the instructions that were given by you Vet very carefully.

If you are giving your pet a pill, ask your Vet whether or the pet medication can be given with food. If it can, try placing it with a small treat or mixing it in with wet food.

According to Pet First Health Care, here are the steps that you should be following.

Pills or Capsules – Step-by-Step

  1. Hold the pill between your thumb and index finger.
  2. Firmly grasp your pet’s upper jaw with your other hand tilting your pet’s head back gently.
  3. Using your middle finger, slowly open the lower jaw.
  4. Keep your middle finger over the small incisor teeth and deposit the pill as far back on the tongue as  possible.
  5. Close the mouth immediately while keeping your hand over the mouth.
  6. Stroke the throat or blow gently into your pet’s nostrils. This will encourage your pet to swallow.

Liquids and Syrups – Step-by-Step

  1. Fill the syringe or dropper with medication before beginning.
  2. Insert the syringe or dropper between your pet’s teeth and cheek.
  3. Close your pet’s mouth and tilt the head back slightly.
  4. Gently release the medication from the syringe or dropper.
  5. Keep the mouth closed and stroke the throat or blow gently into your pet’s nostrils.

Make sure that you are calm while administering your pets medication. They can sense if you are nervous and this will make the process  more difficult. Praise you pet after he has taken his medication and maybe even give him a treat!