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December 2023

Doggie Day Care May Not Be Good For Some Dogs

Saturday, August 24, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

You are very busy and are trying to decide whether or not to send your best friend to doggie day care. Before making this important decision, you must consider the fact that not all dogs may be suited for doggie day care. I found a website called which covered this topic quite well. Here’s the article from


Dog daycare is great for all dogs on paper, but in reality it’s not the right environment for some.

Let’s go over a few types of dogs that might not be a good fit for a group dog pack setting.

Very Anxious Puppies – Most puppies are happy-go-lucky and have no problem being let loose in a group of dogs. However, if your dog is viably uncomfortable around other dogs already, we want to proceed slowly or we risk doing negative socialization.

We might need to move a little more carefully and let him meet one dog, make a friend and then see how he can handle more. A little anxiety is okay and often can be improved with regular daycare visits, but if your dog is really freaked out we’re probably doing more harm than good. If you’re not sure, try him on a weekend at daycare or other slower time when there are less dogs there and see how he does (just note it may take a few visits for him to settle in and start to loosen up).

Fearful Adult Dog – Much like the anxious puppy, a dog that is afraid of other dogs is going to be overwhelmed in a pack setting. They need to be worked with on an individual basis with the right dogs to make sure we are helping and not making matters worse. Walking with other dogs works great.

Dog Reactive or Aggressive Dog – Obviously if your dog is grumpy with some or all dogs an off leash environment is not going to be the best place to work on it. Keep them home and find a local trainer to work with you and maybe you can improve the situation so you can eventually try it out.

Remember, your pets count!

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