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December 2023

Some People Shouldn’t have Pets or Children

Saturday, August 3, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

I heard  a very disturbing story about a women who left her dog outside in the blistering heat without any food or water. She went out and didn’t have any concern that her pet was alone in the scorching sun. The dog suffered from heat stroke and died.

We hear terrible stories like this all the time. What makes people so cruel and careless? Why do we have to keep emphasizing that our pets should be kept cool and have plenty of water all the time in the heat? Why do we have to keep emphasizing that a pet should NEVER be left in a car with the windows closed in the Summer? Why Why Why are people so (pardon the expression) stupid? Are we becoming that self centered?

I feel that better screenings need to be done for people that have the desire to adopt a pet. Strict, firm laws should be in effect for pet owners who abuse their pets including high fines and jail time for some offenses. Unfortunately it seems that many people are so self centered and materialistic that all they’re concerned with are material things and that includes beloved pets. The feel they have the right to anything they want. Not so, if a person is irresponsible and have no common sense they should never be able to own a pet. I’ll take it a step further, they shouldn’t even be able to have children!

Remember, your pets count!

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