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October 2022

What To Look For In Choosing a High Quality Dog Food

Monday, May 6, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

High quality dog food is key to a dog’s health and well being. Most dog owners go for the cheaper food but are we doing our furry friends a service doing this? It’s best to look at the ingredients in the products we buy.

Dog Food Insider has published key things to look for when choosing a high quality food for your pets.

After determining that the product carries an AAFCO statement, your next place to look is the ingredients list. Assuming you have already looked into the brand, you should have a good idea whether or not the company uses high-quality ingredients – it is still important to check the list for each formula, however. Ideally, the first one or two items on the list should be a high-quality source of animal protein. Look for a fresh meat like chicken, turkey, or salmon or some kind of meat meal. Meat meals are simply fresh meats that have already been cooked down to a moisture content around 10% – this means that they are a much more highly concentrated source of protein than fresh meats. Next, there should be a source of digestible carbohydrate on the list. For dog food brands that use grains, you want to see whole grains listed like whole-grain oats or brown rice. For dog food brands that do not use grains, look for other digestible sources of carbohydrate like sweet potato, peas, and tapioca.

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