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November 2023

Approaching Strange Dogs

Thursday, November 8, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Put yourself in the mindset of your dog for a few minutes. You are being taken for a nice long walk with your owner, you’re seeing and experiencing different smells and scenes, then suddenly, some “little person” run.s up to you and waves his hand in front of you and attempts to touch you. What is your normal reaction?  First of all you’re startled, then you feel threatened and are maybe even fearful of someone you’ve never seen before. What can be your first reaction? You bark and go to bite the arm of the perpetrator. This is done in fear and maybe even to protect you and your owner.

The point that’t I’m trying to make is that NEVER, EVER have yourself or your child run up to a dog you think is cute and attempt to pet it., This is totally the wrong thing to do. So what should you do? The proper way to handle this situation is to first ask the owner, if the dog bites, then second ask if it ok to pet the dog. Finally, stoop down, let the dog sniff you or your child and note any aggression. If the dog growls, barks or looks uncomfortable, step away. If the dog seems friendly and comfortable then you can feel safe petting it.,

We must execute some common sense and etiquette when approaching a strange dog. In many cases, dog bites are the fault of humans not the dog.

Remember, your pets count!

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